Game Review: Telltale’s Jurassic Park


Many people have a soft spot for Jurassic Park. What’s not to love about Dinosaurs running amok?! There’s been a few Jurassic Park games over the years of varying quality with some really awesome ones being thrown into the mix. When I found out Telltale Games was making a Jurassic Park game I was pretty excited. Telltale makes great games, there’s been great Jurassic Park games, and the Jurassic Park universe is a great setting for an adventure game.

But before I get to the review, I need to do a little complaining.

I usually don’t play video games on PC because it’s a big god damned hassle. There’s a million things that can go wrong and usually do when I want to play one. In fact, in recent years I’ve almost never been able to play a PC game I’ve purchased. I’ll try to install it then it will crash. This time I got this after insalling:

Error: Could not load game data! Make sure you are running the application from the directory it was installed to.

What the fuck does this mean? I clicked on a shortcut which was created by the installation. Anyway, after about two more attempts to install it, it finally ran. I didn’t even shut the game off in fear of not being able to open it again.

Please don’t think I’m sullying the good name of Telltale games. They’re great people who make awesome games. No, I’m shitting on PC gaming. If this was a downloadable game on Xbox live or Playstation Network (and you can get it for those platforms) you know what would have happened? I would have downloaded the game… AND PLAYED IT! PC gaming is horseshit. When you get a game it should play. End of story. BACK TO THE REVIEW!


Telltale makes some sweet adventure type games. The ones I’ve played aren’t exactly like the adventure games of yore, there’s a lot more action than what you’d find moving your figure around the screen hoping to find clues. Jurassic Park is from the more modern type of adventure gaming school that relies heavily on timed events. If you’ve ever played the ultra awesome Heavy Rain, it’s sort of similar to that, but less complex overall.

Story: Jurassic Park takes place during the events of the first film. You start out playing play a hottie female mercenary who is hired to help collect the dino DNA that’s stolen in the beginning of the movie. The game’s story fits in nicely and seems like it could have happened off screen. The story doesn’t just stick on the merc. You also play as a father and daughter team as well as some other characters to make up for the group that’s got to get off the island.

The story is what kept me playing this game. Since I was never really impressed with the the movie version of Jurassic Park to begin with (plot, dialogue, and character wise), this one held up quite well to the movie. Hell, the kid is far less annoying than the idiot kids in the film.


Control: You can either use a controller or a keyboard mouse for the controls. Since I was too lazy to plug a controler in I went mouse/keyboard. This was probably a mistake, because it seemed like the game would have been much more suited for the a controller, since it’s not a first person shooter so it really doesn’t need the precision afforded by the keyboard / mouse combo.

There were times where I had problems hitting buttons in sequence. I wasn’t sure if it was my poor gaming skill or the fault of the game, so just be aware that it could be frustrating at times.

Graphics: With PC games (the version I played) it depends on what kind of computer your running. On my crap laptop the graphics seemed pretty good. Maybe a bit less detailed than my Xbox or PS3, but overall decent. The characters seemed a bit stiff, but I didn’t expect insane graphics for a game that retails at 30 dollars.

Overall: Overall I liked Jurassic Park, but I can see where many people would not. First and foremost you have to be a fan of this time of gameplay. Secondly, you can’t go in expect it to be like Telltale’s other adventure games. There’s not a whole lot of puzzle solving and most of the action is made up of quick time events.

It feels like Telltale was making a more mainstream game that was meant more for a console than a PC and more for an action crowd than a puzzle solving one. Despite it’s flaws with the controls and the nature of it being more of an interactive movie, I enjoyed my time in Jurassic Park.

Score:  6 out of 10 tiny T-Rex arms