G.I. Joe Problems – “Suit Up!”


GI Joe Problems

Vincent’s Comments: Well here’s our special “G.I. Joe Problems” for the Robot’s Pajamas G.I. Joe Week. I came up with the idea and Chris put it into action. Chris has finally made my dreams come true, I’m co-author of a comic. The strip he came up with is much more dynamic than I imagined it, so it came out way better than what was in my head.

Anyway, basically I thought it was funny how some of the G.I. Joe characters (and Cobra) change costumes so many times (since they’re based on a new action figure version). And then in future comics and action figures they go back to their older look. How do they decide what costume to wear? For me it would be a tough choice as to what ninja suit I’d put on that day. I have a hard enough time picking out what t-shirt I’m going to wear.

I also love the idea that Cobra is “attacking Mount Rushmore” (Chris’s idea), by shooting at it or whatever they are doing, because that’s something Cobra would do.