G.I. Joe Figure Subscription Service Round 2.0!

In a move somewhat similar to the subscription based model of Masters of the Universe Classics, the G.I. Joe Fan Club set up a subscription service for G.I. Joe figures last year. In all there are 13 figures from this first round (the 13th being a surprise figure). Out of the 13 figures initially offered some great, some kinda meh and all are more expensive than a regular retail G.I. Joe. However, you get some cool figures that otherwise probably wouldn’t have been made and there aren’t many of them, so they’re fairly desirable by collectors.

Well the G.I. Joe Figure Subscription Service round two is out and you can see them in all their glory below. In case you don’t know G.I. Joes as well as you should they are going clockwise starting top left.


Dragonsky:Member of the Russian version of G.I. Joe, the Oktober Guard. Likes to set people on fire, I guess. Pass.

Bombardier: Based on an unreleased Action Force Figure (UK’s G.I. Joe). Neat pick, but he’s also just a recolored Flash.

Lt. Falcon: In his NightForce gear, so it goes with the G.I. Joe Con’s Night Force set. Nice that he fits in with the G.I. Joe con figures, but he’s still a repaint, albeit with some new tooling. Maybe a keeper.

Shipwreck: Shipwreck is in Tiger Force gear. I like Tiger Forece a lot, but I’m all filled up on Shipwrecks.

Skull Buster: This is a Cobra Range Viper that comes from the Devil’s Due comics. Meh.

Airtight: In Tiger Force gear. This guy is looking pretty good in the stripes.

Admiral Keel Haul: This dude is in charge of the USS Flagg. Neat figure, too bad they won’t ever remake the Flagg.

Desert Scorpion: I loved this figure when I was a kid. I like that they made his giant scorpion a robot. Makes a little more sense then having a giant mutant. They really need his backpack though. It was one of the coolest things about him. It was like the predators shoulder mounted laser cannon, but a machine gun with a missile.

Big Bear: Another member of the Oktober Guard. Bleh.

Wide Scope: I believe he comes from the Devil’s Due comic series. He looks like Shockwave (cool) and he comes with a dog (even better). Keeper.

Cesspool: From when G.I. Joe started getting environmental in the 90s. I can see why people want him, but he might be one to sell for me.

Tollbooth: Famous for coming with the Bridge Layer vintage vehicle. I would keep him because he comes with a traffic cone. I love figures that come with traffic cones!

I have decided that I would like to jump on board the G.I. Joe Figure Subscription Service this time. I regret missing on some of the ones last time, so I don’t want to miss the boat. Hopefully the figures hold their value enough so I can sell the ones I don’t want and get back at least what I’ll be paying for them. Plus, I love the idea of a mystery 13th figure… if it doesn’t suck that is.