G.I. Joe Book Kickstarters!

Vincent   October 26, 2015   Comments Off on G.I. Joe Book Kickstarters!


Hurry up G.I. Joe fans, the door is closing on two G.I. Joe related book/poster Kickstarters. The first is the second volume of Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe.


I got the first volume and it was a pretty neat book. It had this nifty metallic cover and showed a lot of G.I. Joe packaging and ancillary art in beautiful detail. I’m totally on board for Volume 2. This one is focusing more on the art featured on the figures and vehicles that weren’t covered in the previous volume.

Creating_GIJoe_A Real American Hero_1

The second G.I. Joe book in it’s final days is Creating G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. It’s pretty far from funding at the moment, which is a shame. It contains a lot of cool art and details of the making of the Joe figures and the creator promises to included un-produced concepts.

Creating_GIJoe_A Real American Hero_2

G.I. Joe fans don’t have a lot of love from Hasbro these days. It’s nice to see fan projects trying to keep G.I. Joe alive as well as dig into the history of the franchise. It’s a tad inconvenient though that two book projects launched at once. G.I. Joe fans need to be a bit better coordinated for our budgets!