Some G.I. Joe Art: The Deck of the USS Flagg

Last year (shesh) I decided to recreate some G.I. Joe art to get practice using Adobe Illustrator and to make something that could be used as the background of a G.I. Joe display. Well, I’m finally done with it (sort of). Here it is (click on it to get a 2,000 pixel wide version):


I figured I’d share some of the details in case you wanted to know how you could make something like this. Strap yourselves in and take your anti-sea sickness pills!


The original art that this USS Flagg is based on came from one of the later G.I. Joe five packs, which you can see above.

I scanned that image and then put it in Adobe Illustrator. From there I essentially traced the image as much as I could. There were a lot of times where I had to go off of my own to make it work, particularly in the area of the deck stripes, the Flagg’s antennas, and moving the lifeboat to be a little more toy accurate. Here’s a comparison pic of the two images:


There was a ton of detail work put into the bridge area of the Flagg. It’s kind of a shame it’s so far away, since so much work went into it. I recreated the G.I. Joe Logo and even went a made my own U.S. flag and then shrunk it down.


In progress pic.

The water is a stitched together image of water I found online. I wasn’t going to try drawing water at this stage. The sky is a gradient and the clouds I “painted” with some cloud paintbrush shapes I downloaded.


Behind the scenes!

Now the main reason I did this in Illustrator was that everything except the clouds and water can be made infinitely larger with no loss in resolution. That way if I want to make it as a background for whatever, I can theoretically just make it bigger (and then rework the clouds and water).

I hope someday to find some time to draw a Skystriker, Skyhawk, and maybe a Dragonfly or two to put on the deck.