G.I. Joe Art Book from 3D Joes


The creator of the nifty site 3D Joes, Robert Mataxis, has a Kickstarter going for funding a G.I. Joe book focusing on the art of G.I. Joe, Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe. G.I. Joe had some pretty great art from the card and box art to art featured on ancillary products like story books. This (first) volume aims to collect this art in one really nice book.

Now, you might be wondering how he got permission to use all this art. Well the images are photos of items in Robert’s collection and there’s been plenty of books featuring people’s collections, so the hope is that it’s a loophole for getting this out there.

I’m a big fan of toy art and not being able to own the now extremely expensive figures and toys in their original packaging, plus all all the ancillary products, this book could be a fun read to stare at the cool pop art that is G.I. Joe.

It’s nice to see fan run efforts like this to keep G.I. Joe alive. Hasbro has been pretty content to let it lay fallow recently, so this is all we get!