FRU: Wrapping Up Transformers Week & Sundry Other Items


Welcome to the Friday Round Up for Transformers Week. It’s only fitting that we include links to all the cool Transformers stuff we couldn’t find time to write about this week. But don’t worry, we have all the important nerd culture news of the week here, too!



We had some awesome reviews for Transformers: Age of Extinction this week. For a humorous take on the movie, here’s a FAQ by io9 (and former Topless Robot) editor Rob Bricken:

The Red Letter Media guys watched the first three Transformers movies at the same time to see if they could see any commonalities. It’s pretty funny.


Harrison Ford has been spotted walking around London in a futuristic leg brace that makes him look like he belongs in Star Wars, but not as Han Solo. More like Dengar’s servant or something. Apparently it’ll take him 6 months to heal up so Disney is trying to decide whether to push forward and reduce his role or wait and do a May release instead, like director JJ Abrams is pushing for.


The next G.I. Joe movie is moving forward. Paramount hired writer Jonathan Lemkin to write the script for the third film. Director John Chu is not expected to return, but Dwayne Johnson, Adrianne Palicki and the rest of the cast is expected to return with the focus on Roadblock as the main character. The movie is planned for a 2016 release.


Here’s a pretty amusing video of the top ten worst Transformer toys:


Would you believe that Transformers are going for prices in the 5 digits? This current eBay auction has over 50 bids and is over $11K already!



Hot Toys makes the best action figures possible, as long as you can afford them. Their next big ticket item is available for pre-order now: The Bat, from Dark Knight Rises. Of course, if they made it to scale for their normal 12″ figures, it would be too massive, so they’ve created a new 6″ scale Batman that comes with it. Price tag? A measly $779!


To commemorate the Alien franchise’s 35th anniversary, NECA is producing an Alien queen figure that stands 15″ tall. As to its quality, well, we have our opinions on NECA’s results. But there’s no denying they have gorgeous sculpts. Also, at Toy Fair this year, NECA announced that for the first time Sigourney Weaver has signed her likeness rights over so that they can produce an authentic Ripley figure.


Finally, take a look at these gorgeous TMNT figures by Japanese company Kaiyodo Revoltech. Each turtle features a removable head so you can have an exaggerated expression, along with super-posability. They can be pre-ordered ($60!) at



A grandma in Japan bought herself a piece of real estate, an old building in Chiba, a small city outside of Tokyo. Imagine her surprise when she found 2 floors used to be an arcade and the game cabinets were all left behind. She inherited 55 classic 90s games and her granddaughter’s boyfriend is selling them in the states for her!

Grandmother buys old building in Japan, finds 55 classic arcade cabinets


Warner Brothers announced that the 1966 Batman tv show will FINALLY make it to home video this November. There will be a huge panel at Comic Con later this month with Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar to talk about the special features and their memories of making the show.



Groo the Wanderer is a hilarious comic about an intensely stupid barbarian, Groo. He’s bad luck for anyone who crosses his path, whether he means well or not. And he cannot lose a swordfight. Now Dark Horse is having a crossover where he’ll meet his match: Conan! The four-part miniseries debuts July 23rd and it’s super likely that Digga D will review it in his weekly review of Dark Horse comics that he does on Wednesdays here on the site. Hero Complex has a good read on how the project came about.



The pilots for NBC’s Constantine and CW’s The Flash have both leaked online. You won’t find links to that here, but it isn’t hard to find them. Just a heads-up that there will be reviews and spoilers so if you want to duck and cover, we gave you as much heads-up as possible. One nitpick folks have with Constantine has been addressed by producer David Goyer: Constantine will not be a smoker on the show, because of network standards. The reason this bothers fans is Constantine’s smoking is a defining character trait that leads to him getting lung cancer and making a deal with the devil. How they’ll get around that is anyone’s guess.


On the Marvel side of things, the Netflix series for Daredevil recently cast Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson, Matt Murdock’s lawyer partner. Charlie Cox (who?) is DD/Matt, Vincent D’Onofrio is Kingpin (rad) and Rosario Dawson is in some mystery role (a lot of speculation she’ll be Elektra but she could just as easily be Echo or someone new for all we know). Technically that happened at the end of last week, but we’re not perfect.

  • montewilliams

    I’ve enjoyed Transformers Week, and I’m glad you linked to your NECA editorial. I believe I missed it when you first posted it.

    Oddly enough, I have only become a NECA fan in the past couple of months, and have thus far had no quality control issues. Perhaps I have just been lucky, or perhaps the properties I’ve pursued have boasted more durable products?