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I used to run a fairly successful toy blog a long, long time ago. I kind of miss doing that. This week’s Friday Round Up offered the opportunity to give some of my patented style of toy commentary on some items from last week’s New York Toy Fair. Sure you might have seen all this stuff before, but if you miss that old toy blog then I hope you enjoy this week’s Friday Round Up!

Toy (Fair) Stuff


NECA: Even though I’m still iffy on NECA’s quality and therefore iffy on making future purchases of their products, I’ve got to admit that they’ve been really good at making a splash the last couple of Toy Fairs. This year they announced what was nearly unthinkable, Ripley figures from both Alien and Aliens. This is a very big deal as getting Sigourney Weaver’s sign off is a pretty rare occurrence. They are also going to make a Power Loader that is in scale with their figures. I will offer sacrifices to the Elder Gods in hopes that it won’t break immediately in my hands.


NECA is also putting out more Robocop figures, like Robocop with jet pack from Robocop 3. I really detest that movie, but it’s still a decent looking piece of equipment. Plus, he comes with a cannon arm and the big ass gun from the first Robocop! It’s certainly not any sillier than the glow in the dark version.


DC Collectibles: DC Collectibles is going to make an Animated style Batman. Man, that’s super cool. I’d like to see what poses you can put him in. Either way, he’s probably going to make it on my girlfriend’s shelf as she’s a super huge Batman: The Animate Series nut.


DC Superpowers: Talk about controversial. Either you love or you hate the DC Universe Superpowers figures. As a strictly nostalgia based collector they tugged right at the old heart strings. I’ll probably only get Batman to keep on card (they’re too large to get a few of them to keep on card), because Batman (and Superman) are the first figures I remember owning. And at this point buying a vintage Batman Super Powers figure on card is a bit too pricey. Wish his cape was fabric like the original though.


Lego: We got our first look at the Lego Ghostbusters and I have say, I’m still on board! Some fans were disappointed of the likenesses on the mini-figures. I’m not sure what they were expecting… unless they’ve never seen a Lego mini-figure before.


Star Wars Black: Despite the fact that I can’t find a Star Wars Black Boba Fett at retail anywhere and the R2-D2 was kind of shitty, I am looking forward to the future Star Wars Black offerings, including this scale Biker Scout with Speeder Bike. I have an older Hasbro 12 inch version and the smaller versions… so I guess I just need a mid-sized model too.


G.I. Joe: Hasbro had a few cool announcements at Toy Fair this year. Perhaps the coolest was a Kreo Terrordrome. As cool as it is, I can’t get it because I don’t have the room. I mean, not to be a snob but I have the real deal already. Okay, that was kind of snobby. Deal with it.


The rest of the G.I. Joe reveals were a little more ho-hum, but still fairly cool. Hasbro is releasing some of the most wanted figures they’ve shown off at cons before in two pack form. There’s a couple I really want like the HEAT Viper, and the Night Viper, but almost everyone else is a pass or a sell since I already have some of them like Low Light up there. The good news is for those who missed figures like the amazing Low Light they get a second chance without paying secondary market prices.


Transformers: I rarely get super excited about Transformers, but holy crap on a stick the upcoming Jetfire is awesome. He’s like a mix between the the classics version and the G1 version. The jet version looks amazingly close to the original, yet updated. I guess after the SDCC G.I. Joe version had legal troubles with Harmony Gold Hasbro either reached a deal or just said, “Fuck it.”

Gaming Stuff


Mars Attacks! Dice: I enjoy me some Mars Attacks! (I even bought into the Mars Attacks! mini game Kickstarter), so I welcomed the news that Steve Jackson Games is putting out a Mars Attacks! dice game. Fellow geek blogger (and game designer) Philip J. Reed had a hand in creating this, so I look forward to trying it out. I’d be extra happy if he sent me a review sample. Huh?! How about it?!          /end begging

Movie Stuff

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer hit the interenets and nerds everywhere blew their load (probably literally and figuratively). I love the tone of it. You have to be silly if you’re going to have a talking raccoon. Hopefully the general public will get it. They’ve already been softened by seeing Asgard on screen. Doesn’t take a whole lot to get to talking raccoon once you’ve made that leap.

The only thing I didn’t like about this trailer is the use of “Hooked on a Feeling.” It’s over used. I associate it more with Reservoir Dogs than anything else. Oh well, that’s just me being a fuddy duddy. Otherwise it looks like James Gunn might have done it again.

On a related note, if you haven’t seen Super yet and you can handle a dark comedy that makes you feel bad for enjoying violence, then check it out. It’s risen in ranks to become one of my favorite movies.

  • T16skyhopp

    Hasbro stated at Toy Fair they are in a “good place” in regards to Jetfire product with Harmony Gold. Rumor has it Harmony Golds SDCC lawsuit was dismissed “with prejudice.”

  • Dex

    I’d also recommend Gunn’s Slither for the horror fans. Great flick!

  • That’s a pretty solid movie, even though it wasn’t my cup of tea. The guy can make an enjoyable film.

  • Thanks for the link love! Of everything I saw come out of Toy Fair my two absolute favorites are NECA’s announcement of Ripley & Power Loader and the new Leader Class Jetfire from Hasbro. I know you’ve had issues with NECA recently and I’ll be keeping that in mind once the Power Loader goes up for pre-order … but it’s going to be really, really difficult to say no to that.

  • Hunter Carroll

    If I can get em, I want to get the Batman TAS figure, Bombshell Zatanna, and the new Harley Quinn pajama figure. They’re all really really pretty.

  • Shawn

    Thanks for the linky links. Did you see that there are two Jonsey figures now? If both aren’t included with the first Ripley figure then I’m thinking one will be included with the first Ripley and the other with the second Ripley figure, or one will end up being part of an SDCC exclusive.

  • I’ll buy one and then be super pissed when it breaks.

  • I did not see that!

  • Shawn

    You should see them!

  • I should see them on my shelf.

    Are you going to get the Power Loader?