FRU: Terrible TMNT, Awesome Aliens, Bad Battlestar and More!

It’s another Friday and you deserve another helping of the best Friday Post (aside from West Week Ever), so even though I was incredibly busy all day Friday Round Up is here! Better late than never!


Movie Stuff

Meet the New Ninja Turtles: Look, I have no hope that the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie will be any good. The producer is Micheal Bay and I’m boycotting any film he has anything to do with (shame me three times…) and the director has had far more misses than hits. Therefore I was not suprised that the possible new look of the Ninja Turtles is fucking terrible. A costume company released an image of a costume that is based on the movie look. My first thought was the Turtle looked like Shrek, but other people say he looks like the Lizard from the newer Spider-Man film. The fun thing for me is that I’m partially colorblind, so the “mask” on the mask completely blends in with the face. This makes it look even more bizarre.

TV Stuff


Game of Thrones Costumes: This article on Game of Thrones points out that the costumes in Game of Thrones are incredible even if we can’t see the crazy amount of details in them. Just check out that image above, there’s tons of intricate embroidery in the sleeves, but they’re essentially rolled up.


Battlestar’s Ending: I found the ending of Battlestar Galactica to be incredibly disappointing. And not just the final episode, that entire last season. I just happened across this article going in incredible detail while the finale was terrible. It’s long, but it makes some interesting points and observations.

Video Game Stuff


New Genesis Game: Every once in awhile an old video game system will get a new game for it made my fans, because why not? There’s supposed to be a new beat-em-up coming out called Project Y. Screw Attack talks about Project Y and some controversy that’s surrounding it.


Star Wars 1313: A lot of people were excited for Star Wars 1313 (pretty much a Boba Fett game) and now that Disney took over it’s been cancelled. Boo. Boo to them.

Star Trek Online Brings in Tuvok: One of the neat parts about Star Trek Online is hearing voices of actors from the various Star Trek series. Well it looks like Tuvok (one of the few decent characters from Voyager) is coming to the game. Honestly, I haven’t played it much after I finished my review. I blame Grand Theft Auto V. Once I grow more bored of that, I’ll be back. I want to hit level 30. And meet Tuvok.

Toy Stuff


Mini Aliens: While I’ve never really been into Minimates by Diamond Select Toys, I have loved the Minimate vehicles (they so cute!), but I never really got into the figures. Well holy crap, the Aliens figures they have on tap are really making me come around. They will be available in comic type shops only and will cost three bucks a pop. Perhaps the best part about it is that they won’t be blind boxed. I’m hoping to have some to review when they come out (and maybe to give away), so keep your eyes peeled!


Sideshow Does Batman 1989: Batman 1989 has been getting a lot of love in the last few years in the form of very expensive collectibles. Joining that is this premium format Batman 1989figure from Sideshow. It’s basically a statue. A very expensive and amazing looking statue. I’d love one, but yeah I’m not able to reach that mighty 400 buck price point.


Toys R Us Does it Again: Toys R Us recently released a Marvel Legends X-Men pack of four six inch figures. When it first went up on their site it was listed as 85 bucks, which isn’t that bad if you split the cost between four figures. But later they upped the price to 140 dollars. That is insane. Perhaps they thought they could charge that much, but it will probably result in some huge “sale” down the road to trick people into thinking they’re getting a bargain.

Friend of Site Stuff


Google Hammers Wolf Gnards: One of my favorite blogs/twitter people is Wolf Gnards. I have this weird celebrity crush going on with him. I just want him to love me! Anyway, dude just recently was banned from Google Adsense for some pretty ridiculous reason. Check out his post about it to get the full story. I can’t do it justice here, but I will say that it boils down to the issue that Google determines what is provocative on an extremely loose basis. Anything can pretty much be offensive without any context.