FRU: Star Wars, Batman, Halloween, and More Batman!

Welcome to the Friday Round Up! It’s a busy one this week.

Movie Stuff

Letter to J.J. Abrams: Some animators put together this really cool video that address what Star Wars is about and what it is not about. I take a big issue with number 1: That Star Wars takes place in the fringe. Yes it does, but it discounts the fact that you can still tell a great sci-fi story set in a Star Wars like universe in a city (like the underbelly of one). I’ve read plenty of Star Wars comics that take place in populated areas that are excellent. Hell, I’ve played great Star Wars RPGs that took place in populated areas. Basically, to me Star Wars works anywhere except the cold, sterile CGI environments depicted in the prequels.

The Future of CGI: Everyone went ape shit when they saw this video demo of Lucasfilm showing off real time CGI movie making. It’s pretty cool, but my favorite quote I made up is: “Suddenly a million CGI animators cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”


Wolf Gnards Loves Ben Affleck: Interwebs pal (is that to presumptuous?) Wolf Gnards wrote this great piece on why he likes Ben Affleck. It’s a little past the outrage period, but it’s still a great read.

Batman Auditions: This video of Christian Bale auditioning for Batman Begins is notable for a couple of reasons. One he’s wearing Val Kilmer’s Batsuit and damn I wish they went closer to that design (I’m not a super fan of the Nolan batsuits). Most notably is his lack of a stupid voice. Why couldn’t he done it this way? Unfortunately it’s off of YouTube for now, so you can’t watch it. Sad Trombone.

Cool Stuff


Life Size AT-ST: Want a “life-size” AT-ST from Star Wars? Better make an offer soon! (16 ft. tall doesn’t seem “life-size”, but still cool).

Internet Stuff

Vine: Robot’s PJs super pal Chris Piers has a talented artist fiance that decided to make a Vine soap opera called Dave’s of Our Lives. Check it out!

Halloween Stuff


Naked Haunted House: Wow, being naked in front of other people is enough to terrify me, but there’s a haunted house where you go through it naked. Super scary! Of course, I’d probably go to scope out terrified naked girls. Cuz that’s my thing. J/k that’s not my thing. Or is it?!

  • Dex

    I don’t like that Star Wars video. It’s basically original trilogy fanboys/girls/people saying what they didn’t like about the prequels. And while they may have some valid points, all of those things could be handled differently and be excellent Star Wars.

    Yeah that AT-ST doesn’t look big enough to hold two people in it.

  • The only one that I couldn’t argue against is the Force bit. I don’t need to know what it is scientifically. Yoda did enough to explain it in Empire.