FRU: Robocop, Dr. Who, Mad Max, and Muppets!

What an incredible week! Man, if you’re a long time Robot’s Pajamas fan, thanks for making it through this week with us. Your reward is a face full of Friday Round Up!

TV Stuff

Dr Who Day of the Doctor

Dr. Who: Last week I didn’t post about Doctor Who because frankly I don’t really know what’s going on besides there’s a 50th anniversary thing happening. I’d like to catch up, but it’s a seriously daunting task. Anyway, there’s rumor of an amazing cameo in the 50th Anniversary special. Sounds cool, though again I feel like I’d be completely lost if I just jumped in at this point.

Movie Stuff

More Robocop: Well here’s the new Robocop trailer. Looks pretty good. It’s still too bad that it’s not R rated. Hat tip to Double Dumb Ass.

Mad Max Fury Road still

More Mad Max: Mad Max is a film property that spawned a million imitators and then the whole genre died. Aside from the Fallout games, we haven’t had much in the way of sweet post apocalyptic action. I’ve been waiting for a long time for the proposed Mad Max: Fury Road from the original creator of Mad Max and it finally has a release date! May 15th, 2015. Man, 2015 is going to be a big year for geek movies.

More Muppets! I enjoyed the hell out of the last Muppets movie, so I’m on board for this next one, Muppets: Most Wanted

Toxic Avenger and Baby

Toxic Avenger: After reading some comments on a Poe Ghostal post regarding Robocop and Toxic Avenger being violent, I decided to revisit Toxic Avenger. Man, I forgot just how violent that movie is. Some of the humor doesn’t exactly hold up, but overall I was extremely entertained throughout.

I started watching Toxic Avenger 2 again and while it is still decent, it’s not as good as the first. Claire is way hotter, though I liked the original actress more. Also Toxie’s voice changes and I prefered the more over the top version in the original. They really load the top half of the movie with brutal murders. It’s amazing. The first 20 minutes of the film is Toxie murdering dudes in some pretty horrific ways.

Funny Stuff

Simpsons Upworthy type post

Simpsons Meet Upworthy: Upworthy has joined the list of sites that make me angry by their practices (along with Buzzfeed). I won’t get into it too much, but if you check out these Simpson’s plots boiled down to an Upworthy post slug, you’ll get a good reason why I can’t stand the site and everyone else who imitates them now.

Retro Stuff

Custom Atari Pitfall Action Figure

Video Game Figures: Someone went ahead and made vintage Atari game inspired action figures using old G.I. Joes. The combination of packaging and custom figure really works. I’m pretty sure I’d have wanted these types of figures back then, especially Dig Dug. No Night Driver, unfortunately.

  • Chris Piers

    First time I’ve seen that Muppets trailer. That looks very funny.
    Also? I had no idea the new Robocop isn’t rated R. That’s… stupid.

  • The one thing that the previous Muppets film had going for it was the fact there hadn’t been one in a very long time and it was just loaded with a sad nostalgia that really made it touching and fun. This one looks more like it’s straight up funny, which could be good!

    And yeah, it’s PG-13 for the kids.

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  • Lamar the Revenger

    The most disturbingly gory but humorous movie for me was Toxic Avenger 1. I think it was the whole parody of itself that freaked me out. Part that sticks out the most? When Toxie asks the guy if he has any guts. Then punches him and pulls them out. It freaked me out as a kid & I could handle that stuff (Jesse Ventura’s death in Predator or Robocop in general)

  • Heh, that wasn’t half as bad is when they run that kid’s head over. For many years the only version of Toxie I knew was the USA Up All Night version that was all cut up… ahhh Rhonda Sheer though…

  • Dex

    It’s usually a safe bet that any Troma movie is going to be gooey! :) Check out Poultrygeist sometime if you’re bored.

    Nerdist News did a fantastic job of spoiling that Doctor Who cameo which kinda pissed me off. I figured if I didn’t go looking for info, it wouldn’t find me. But they posted a youtube video with the spoiler right in the name of the video and I am subscribed to get email notices when they post videos so there is was right in my inbox. :

    I saw the first Robocop trailer in the theater last week. If this was the first Robocop ever I’d probably have a higher opinion of it. It doesn’t look bad but I’m always going to compare it to the original.

  • I haven’t seen Poultrygeist yet… the name has kind of turned me off, though I own the Class of Nuke Em High Box set, so it’s not like I don’t appreciate these kinds of flicks.

    Well you’re problem is you are dealing with Nerdist. They’re not half as cool as me.

    Yeah, the new Robocop has a lot of weight on it’s shoulders already. It would be easier to like it if it was something new.

  • Dex

    It’s a good, gory send-up of fast food places. If you like Troma, you should like it, and it’s got a good soundtrack.

  • Added it to the queue!