FRU: Peanuts, D&D, Walking Dead, and Kickstarter!


Hey y’all, I missed Friday Round Up last week. I apologize. Apathy struck me. But here we are with another one to brighten your Friday.

Video Game Stuff


Dungeons and Dragons Arcade: I recently purchased the D&D arcade two pack on Xbox Live, Chronicles of Mystara. Man, it’s fun. I had the MAME version, but this is better because it’s much more accessible and they’ve done some fancy things to improve the graphics a bit and some other minor things to give you a bit more bang for your buck. I find it annoying that there are no online matches for it. If you’d like to play with me hit me up, my Xbox Live name is Tenric.

Disney's Star Wars Tiny Death Star

Tiny Death Star: I’ve thought about checking out the game Tiny Tower for awhile now, but now I have more of a reason. Disney is going to be putting out a Star Wars version of it featuring the Death Star called Tiny Death Star. Such a great mash up and it makes a lot more sense than Star Wars Angry Birds.

John Carpenter and Video Games: John Carpenter is responsible for some really kick ass flicks. He’s also a gamer! Giant Bomb interviewed Carpenter on the subject of gaming. Great stuff.

Horror Stuff

Hell No: While far from perfect, the Hell No sensible horror movie trailer is pretty entertaining with some truely great moments.

Comic Stuff

Peanuts Smiths Mash Up

The Smiths Peanuts Mash Up: This awesome Tumbler combines Peanuts comics with Smiths lyrics. So great. They actually had a bit of a dust up where they got a cease and desist order, but Morrissey stood up for them.

Superman at 75: This short film featuring tons of different incarnations of Superman to celebrate his 75th birthday is the tits.

Walking Dead Turns 10: Speaking of birthdays, The Walking Dead turns ten and to mark the milestone there’s a documentary about the 10th Anniversary. It’s pretty cool, and it’s even cooler that they used some archival photos of old conventions taken by our own Chris Piers.

Table Top Gaming Stuff

Mars! Attacks Miniatures Game: Well, I went ahead and took the plunge for the Mars Attacks! Kickstarter. I like the idea of getting a discount on the stuff now before it hits retail. There’s also the excitement of them unlocking stuff and adding more too the pool. If you like Mars Attacks! maybe give the miniature game Kickstarter a shot. I want a big robot, damn it!

Collecting Stuff

Cool and Collected Magazine: Brian from Cool and Collected launched a Kickstarter last week to get a magazine off the ground. I already kicked in some cash to be a sponsor, so this thing better get made! It looks like it could be a great magazine for those who miss cool pop culture and toy related magazines of the past.

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