FRU: More Geek Fun Than You Can Shake a Stick At!


Welcome back to another Friday Round Up! We got a wealth of geeky thought bombs to drop on you. Enjoy, suckas!

TV Stuff


Danger Mouse Returns: News came out that Danger Mouse is going to return to airwaves (in the UK). Classic Nickelodeon provided a variety of cartoons you couldn’t get anywhere else, including Danger Mouse and Count Duckula. I loved those shows, but it seems like the DJ known as Danger Mouse is more famous than the cartoon version. I doubt I’ll be interested in the revival, though I’m hoping that interest is renewed in the original or at least the character will be a little more recognized.


Video Game Stuff


Wold’s Most Depressing Game: For me the purpose of a video game is to escape reality and to be entertained. That’s why it’s hard for me to understand why anyone would want to play a game where you’ve accidentally killed your own kid and must struggle through life.


Movie Stuff


G.I. Joe 3: G.I. Joe 3 finally has a release date, 2016. For the record, I really dug G.I. Joe: Retaliation (review here) and I had decent hopes for the follow up, but director Jon Chu moved onto Jem and the Holograms. Hopefully, they’ll pick someone good.



The Institute: I watched the documentary The Institute recently. It covers an “alternate reality” game that had an interesting story and a really cool style to everything. I’d say check it out, at least the first half. You see on one one hand the doc is interesting and insightful. On the other I just want some real answers. At some point you’ll realize that the documentary is making some shit up and that annoys me.


Toy Stuff


Skeleton Warriors: Remember Skeleton Warriors? Well if you do and you like them, their Kickstarter isn’t doing so hot. Maybe you can save it in the little remaining time that is left? Personally, I’m not big into Kickstarters any more and I never got into Skeleton Warriors. I think I was on the cusp of being too old.


Bad Touch: Has someone touched you in a bad place? He-Man and She-Ra would like to speak to you.



Sideshow Stops Doing G.I. Joe: Sideshow Toys is taking a break from G.I. Joe. This news saddens me greatly. Now that I can pick up a Sideshow figure once in awhile, they are putting their G.I. Joe line on hiatus! This is especially painful when Hasbro is hardly putting any new Joe toys and the quality of Sideshow’s Joes has gone way up (you can check out my Storm Shadow review here).

If sales volume is an issue, I think the biggest problem with Sideshow’s Joe line is they released a bunch of characters I really didn’t care about and they didn’t look enough like the original toy version to justify taking the plunge.

Hopefully they change their mind some day. An alley viper (with a more realistic camo deco but with v1 helmet and shield) would have been a MUST buy from me.



Buzzfeed is Dog Balls: Earlier this week our pal Chris (who has been doing a fantastic job of posting on the Robots Pajamas Facebook page) posted a link to a really ridiculous article on Buzzfeed. I removed the link, becaues I refuse to give them traffic, even in an ironic way. However, the list is worth mentioning because it was titled “32 Of Your Childhood Toys That Are Worth An Absolute Fortune Now.” The premise is to list toys that are worth a forture, however, it just showed images of items that had ridiculous asking prices. They weren’t sold for those prices, which would actually be an indicator of worth.

Even worse is that the list writer was so fucking lazy that they included a can of soda in the list. They couldn’t even hold on to their own premise for an entire list. Pathetic.

Don’t click on a Buzzfeed link. Your brain will thank you.


Table Top Gaming Stuff


Ghostbusters RPG Proof: Man, I’m pissed I missed out on this auction. As you may know I love me some Ghostbusters RPG and this printing proof for Ghostbusters International is a unique item I’d love to hang on a wall. DAMN IT!


Comic Book Stuff


TMNT’s Longevity: I’ve always liked the “Ask Chris” column on Comics Alliance and this article about why Chris Sims thinks the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have lasted so long is a really great read. He really gets to the heart about why the franchise has enjoyed the success that it has.

  • Shawn Padraic Murphy

    I have the He-Man / She-Ra movie. The creators in the commentary say that PSA actually gots lots of thank you letters from parents. Even at conventions they still get fans who say it changed their lives and got them to actual talk to their parents about what teachers / relatives / other parents were doing to them and get the help they needed.