FRU: Marvel TV Shows, Star Wars, and Dragon Ballz

Live Action Daredevil 1990s Hulk TV Movie

Welcome back to Friday Round Up! We’ve got all kinds of things to talk about today, like Star Wars news, an announcement about new live action Marvel superhero shows, and lots of griping about stuff, so let’s get right to it.

TV Stuff

More Marvel Shows! In a pretty bold move Netflix is going to get a bunch of live action TV shows based on Marvel comics. There’s going to be Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage and Iron First. This could be very amazing or very shitty. I’m way more excited for this than I was for Agents of SHIELD, then again I haven’t even watched a single Agents of SHIELD episode. Who cares about those assholes when you have superheroes running around!

What’s even cooler about these series is that they’re supposed to lead up to a Defenders mini-series featuring all of them together. Hot damn! My only gripe? No Moon Knight.

Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Ball Z is coming out on Blu-Ray! But before you get too excited, realize that while the image is widescreen, it’s actually cropped from it’s original aspect ratio of 4:3. Yes, they cut out part of the picture to make it look like it’s widescreen. What’s worse than this news? The fact that fans voted for this bullshit. Enjoy paying to see less of the image, dummies.

Movie Stuff

Star Wars poster

Star Wars: Star Wars Episode VII gets an official release date! I don’t know why I used an exclamation point. The date will be December 18, 2015. It seems like it is very far off.

More Hobbits: I keep forgetting that there are more The Hobbit movies on the way. I enjoyed the first one to some extent, but it was ultimately, completely forgettable. I finally caught the trailer for the follow up, The Desolation of Smaug and I have to say, it looks pretty good. Hope I’m not fooled a second time.

Tabletop Gaming Stuff

Mars Attacks mini game

Mars Attacks! The Mars Attacks! miniatures game Kickstarter is almost over! I’m in the 150 level (saving a few bucks because I got an Early Bird). There’s so much cool stuff available now. Far more than when I first signed on. Who doesn’t want to play a minis game that features giant robots and flying saucers?! Get this game! And let’s play together!

Site Stuff

Lego robot in Pajamas

Redesign Anyone notice anything different? Like the site having a new look!? If you like it you can thank me accidentally breaking the header image last week. While fixing it I decided to dig down and change a bunch of stuff. I guess web design school is paying off. I’m not saying I’m a good designer, I just know how to change things now!

By the way, who sent me the pic of Lego Herman up there? I can’t remember.

Is there anyone out there? I’ve not made it a secret that the blog has suffered in the traffic department. I think changes to Google have really impacted Robot’s Pajamas negatively. Still, I try my best (along with the contributors) to plow through it and continue to provide what we think is fun content. I try to share what I would want to see and I have good taste, so it must be good!

One thing that isn’t helping is the almost complete lack of comments. I realize that it’s not as cool to comment on the actual blog you’re reading and rather post them on social media, but damn is it disheartening to go several weeks and maybe get one comment. We can see numbers, but those numbers don’t feel real unless someone either tells us they enjoyed something or hated it. Just let us know if you’re alive! Your favorite feature here could die because an assumed lack of interest (including this one!).

Charity Stuff


Geeks For Tots: I’ve been debating making announcement vs. letting sleeping dogs lie, but I’ll just put that out here now: Geeks for Tots is not happening this year.

I really don’t have the time to be involved with anything that really needs the attention level that Geeks for Tots deserves. Plus, I’m just burned out. Each year was a struggle to get entries. People are so fucking lazy. It seemed easy to generate interest, but converting that interest into action was very difficult. So basically, Geeks for Tots is most likely never coming back.

  • William Bruce West

    Sad to hear about the end of GFT. I did what I could to promote and participate, but I’m only one guy. Hopefully it will return someday.

    I still think the demise of Google Reader has hurt all of us, but comments are always nice. Comments and RTs. It’s hard out there in these blogging streets, but I’ll come after you if the round up ends!

  • Ben Rollier

    ‘Trial of the Incredible Hulk’ Daredevil, love it.

    Also, sorry about the demise of GFT. First I’ve heard of it.

  • I think one of the most frustrating parts of GFT that I didn’t write about was that it was easy enough to get support from other bloggers and what not, but that didn’t feel like it would turn into actual entries. Many of the people would say, “I already donated!” or “I didn’t have anyone to take my pic!” excuses to me, which seem pretty lame since there were other ways to enter or get a pic taken. “I don’t want to enter, but this is a great idea!” was always a meaningless compliment as well.

    Also, it annoyed the piss out of me when someone would sponsor and then not support the contest. When I had three big sponsors, they never retweeted or talked about it. Why would you sponsor a contest and then not help promote it? It seemed like idiocy to me.

    At this point Will, I think I’m writing Friday Round Up for me, you, and Chris Piers. I don’t think anyone else is as into it as we are.

  • Yeah, when I was a kid I really dug it. It was so exciting to see any superhero in live action that I would take what I could get gladly.

  • Chris Piers

    Gotta admit that I do love Friday Round Up.

  • Lamar the Revenger

    Sad about GFT. Still plan to donate. I sent you evil Herman (right?) I forget myself. Star Wars does seem a long way off. I also do like the changes.

  • April G

    I’m alive! And I always read Friday Round Up, so you’re writing for at least one other person. I will also admit freely that I really liked The Hobbit and am looking for to the second installment. No, it wasn’t as good as LOTR, but neither was the book. The overall tone of the books was different, and I feel like Peter Jackson did an excellent job keeping with the original feel of The Hobbit instead of trying to make it darker and angstier (probably not a word) to be more in line with LOTR. Just my two cents, which I’m sure rolled down a gutter on their way here.

  • johnary

    Keep up the good work RobotsPJs!

  • Thanks too! And you keep up the good work!

  • Hmm I was fine with chunks of it, but then other parts were just so stupid. Like the underground battle seemed too fake and impossible to survive, didn’t seem grounded in reality at all. And I will never forgive Peter Jackson for having Radaghast have shit in his face.

  • Yep, evil Herman is on the Facebook page cover! And thanks for the input!

  • Ben Rollier

    Same here. It was slightly less ridiculous than the Thor cameo in ‘Return of the Incredible Hulk’. Although, John Rhys-Davies made a weird Kingpin.

  • I enjoy Friday Round Up for the links back to me ….. I try not to get worked up about traffic either, like many of us we saw huge dips for a variety of reasons (Google Reader chief among them), but I try not to get caught up in that. I enjoy what I do and take the perks that come with running my own site, which I admit are few and far between. And as far as GFT goes … maybe we can join forces and come up with something that may not be so labor intensive.

  • Johnny Holeva

    Love the site, adore the Round-Up. (But it was always better with a dinosaur shooting missiles or some other prehistoric nonsense in the Round-Up banner)

  • I have zero interest in helping children in any capacity ever again.

    Okay, that might be a bit extreme, but I don’t want to even think about anything related this year aside from maybe posting encouraging on social media and maybe one on the blog here in the next few weeks.

  • Oh and as far as traffic goes, I try to not let get to me, but it’s tough when I’m expending 200% of the original effort with 50% of the results I was getting before.

  • I do miss those a bit. Speaking of, I have it in the pipeline to have a new image of Herman done which you may like for one of the features…

  • Dex

    I’m here! I know how ya feel. Despite being able to see site hits a lack of comments makes you wonder if what you’re doing is getting to anyone. As long as you enjoy it, keep on keepin on!

  • Yes. That. Exactly that.

  • Shawn

    I’m reading. I don’t comment much because sometimes I just don’t have a good comment. I love Star Trek Problems, but don’t know what to say other than things like “Hilarious” or “LOLOLOL.”

    I think if you stop some features you’ll get some people asking for them. I stopped doing the news roundups for a short while and started receiving emails from people asking when I would bring them back. And, thanks for the link back, too. Damn Funimation.