FRU: Mars Attacks! Kickstarter, Transforming Collections, and Atari’s Night Driver

Mars Attacks spider monster attacking soldier

Kickstarter Stuff

Mars Attacks! The Mars Attacks! miniatures game Kickstarter is now live. I’m way more excited for this than I thought I’d be. More excited than the Robotech one that I ended up missing out on.

I think in this case is that I like the original Mars Attacks! cards and concept more than I do Robotech. I know that’s sacrilege, but with Robotech I only care about the good guys. I dislike all of the enemy designs. That’s 50% of the game I don’t like.

With Mars Attacks! you get some cool survivors and the U.S. military trying to fight off these crazy looking invaders. There’s something about an invasion of Earth story in a contemporary setting that has always captured my imagination.

Another aspect of the Mars Attacks! miniatures game is that there’s scenery. Not a lot, but enough to really bring the game to life.

The negatives? Well there’s a few. At first I thought that the rulebook, counters, dice, and cards weren’t part of the core set. I complained about this on Twitter and they said that the rule book is included with most pledge levels. So, I’m wrong, but I still find it a bit confusing.

Mars Attacks Minatures game Mars General miniature

Yeah, my paint job would be nowhere close to this.

The other negative is that the minis aren’t painted. As nice as they look on the Kickstarter page, they’re never even going to come close if I have to paint them.

Transformers book page with 3rd Party Optimus Prime figure

Transforming Collections Again! Phillip J. Reed of is back at it. Last time he did a book that featured the weird 3rd party made world of Transformers toys. He’s doing a sequel and also making the original book available in his new Transforming Collections Kickstarter, now called Transforming Expectations.

The first book was really high quality and I’ve been meaning to write about it (and give away a copy), so I’d recommend checking this Kickstarter out if you’re a Transformers fan. The book costs a bit more than they did the first time around, but that’s because Mr. Reed upgraded it out of his own pocket. This time he’s trying to be a bit more sensible.

Retro Stuff

Screenshot from Atari 2600 game Night Driver

Night Driver: One of my favorite early games is Night Driver for the Atari 2600. I wrote a bit about it on the ultra cool (and really successful) blog Retroist. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so.

I’m thinking about doing some more pieces for them. There’s stuff I think about writing for Robot’s Pajamas and then I think it won’t do well. Retroist seems like a nice place for assorted odds and ends of nostalgia.

Yummy Mummy: Infinite Hollywood has a review of Yummy Mummy. I’ve never had it, so I enjoyed his review.

Funny Stuff

Monster Mania Con poster with Batman and Robin

Batman Meeting: William B. West recently met both Batman and Robin (Adam West and Burt Ward) from the 1960s Batman TV show. It’s an interesting tale of dropping lots of money to meet one of your icons and his hanger-on.

William was lucky enough to get both their signatures. When I was a kid I only got Adam West’s but he was actually in costume in the time. He was at a real low point, obviously. I hope I can find that autograph again. It’s got to be somewhere…

Terrifying Children’s Albums: Here’s some hilarious album covers that are terrifying without meaning to be scary. Is it just me or is this Alice way hotter than she should be?

Old Album cover feating Alice from Alice in Wonderland being put in a tea kettle


Thomas the Crash Engine: The above video features a compilation of Thomas the Tank Engine crashes. It’s pretty awesome.

Breaking Spanish: Can’t get enough Breaking Bad? Well, they’re going to do a Breaking Bad Spanish language remake, so that’s something. It actually seems like a joke, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a prank.

Social Media Stuff

Twitter Problems: Are you on Twitter and nobody follows you? Well, this is probably the most accurate list or reasons for lack of followers I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t take a lot for me to follow people on Twitter (@robotspjs), but there’s a few big negatives that I will automatically put on my “no follow” list.