FRU: It’s been a slow week…


Retro Stuff

Visionaries! I love the short lived toy line and cartoon, Visionaries. This is some awesome art, which I spotted on Retroist.

Role Playing Game Stuff


Star Wars RPG: One of the things I greatly miss in my life was a weekly Star Wars rpg session that I was a part of for a year or so. Man, so many awesome adventures. With my schedule it is impossible to play rpgs on a regular basis, but damn if I won’t try to fit some rpg action when I can.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to run my own game for some time and have gone back to planning and prepping it. Hopefully I can play soon. I wish some of you bastards lived closer so we could have an official Robot’s Pajamas Role Playing Throwdown.

Also, if any of you like to run games, I recently ran across this online rpg map maker. It’s supposed to let you make printable maps. I’ve messed with a little,, but haven’t gotten to print a map so far. Seems pretty cool though.

Movie Stuff


Morton Downey Jr. One person that always held some sort of mystique for me is Morton Downey Jr. I was too young to watch his show, but I knew there was this crazy controversial dude that lots of people watched. (I also would get him confused with Robert Downey Jr.) He was super popular and then he was gone.

I caught some of Evocateur, a documentary about him, and I have to say it’s pretty good. They go a little too much into the modern extreme talk shows at at times. I get he was an influencer, but I really only wanted to know about him. Anyway, check it out if you’re interested in history of the 80s or bios about controversial figures.

Slow Week Stuff:

So Yeah: Man, I’ve had trouble with this week’s Friday Round Up. There wasn’t a lot happening. J.J. Abrams tweeted a picture of R2-D2. Big deal. The PS4 came out. *cough* Yeah, I don’t have a whole lot for you.

I feel like I’m letting you done. How about reading West Week Ever for more Friday fun times?

Site Stuff:

Self Pity! Wow self pity really works. I’m glad I got to hear from so many of you last Friday. Don’t forget, your feedback is the life blood of the blog! Well, it’s more like the motivation of the blog.

  • Chris Piers

    Big awesome nerd thing: this Doctor Who minisode came out this week featuring the return of a classic Doctor and supporting characters from a 4th Doctor serial which throw everything we know about regenerations into question. It also explicitly references the audio adventures for the Doctor which makes that all canon, which is awesome for the fans.

  • And the fans pretty much already know everything about it already. I have nothing to add to that. Except I find old Dr. Who interesting, but there’s too much of it for anything of what you said to make sense.

  • Dex

    I watched Baker growing up and didn’t follow the series again until 8 and I had no real clue what was going on there. Thank you, internets:

  • Tom Mathias

    That Visonaries art is so awesomely random, love it! I saw the Downey Doc while trolling Netflix the other day, haven’t watched it yet but I did move it to my watch list also glad to know I wasn’t the only one to get him confused with RDJ

  • Yeah, I couldn’t pass up on that Visionaries art.

    Let me know what you think about the doc. And I feel much better that I wasn’t the only one confused when I was a kid. I thought maybe they were related or something.