FRU: Ice T Does D&D, Ghostbusters Meets Girl Scouts, and Lady Dr. Doom

It’s Friday so it’s time for your weekly dose of Friday Round Up. This week we have all kinds of hot action like Ice T accidentally getting a D&D gig. A cool Ghostbusters themed card from a Girl Scout, rumors of a lady Dr. Doom, and a big fat self serving plug at the end. Man, it’s so much excitement that you might have to take a break in the middle!

Movie Stuff


Fantastic Four Casting: In internet rage issues news, it’s rumored that Dr. Doom is going to be a lady in the next Fantastic Four movie. I actually found this news to be pretty exciting. There’s almost zero comic book movie head villains that are ladies. The only one that I can think of that was both powerful in terms of super powers and the head bad guy in charge was the witch from Supergirl. Every other powerful female villain in comic movies is a hench(wo)man or a puppet of the head bad guy at best.


Batman vs. Superman Casting: The internet lost its shit last week when it was announced that Jesse Eisenberg was cast as Lex Luthor. This is after losing its shit when Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, and that was after losing its shit after the announcement that Ben Affleck would be Batman. This is so damned tiring.

Gary Oldman Star Wars: In more casting news it looks like Gary Oldman might have a spot in Star Wars VII. Okay, I’m all full up on casting news and rumors!


Robotcop T-shirt: Our pal Matty shared this t-shirt design that I simply must have. It’s Robertcop and his robot buddies! I really want to see a Robertcop TV show where Robortcop fights crime and skirts copyright. Someone make that. And buy me this shirt.


Ghostbusters Card: Anyone who knows me knows I have a strong affection for Ghostbusters. That’s why I think this super cool homemade card is the cat’s meow. I bought some Girl Scout cookies from a friend’s kid and she made this kick ass card. How great, right?

TV Stuff


Agents of SHIELD: I’m not really allowed to have an opinion on the quality of Agents of SHIELD as I’ve never had an interest in watching it in the first place, however I haven’t heard much good about it. The actor who plays Agent Coulson had some interesting comments about naysayers recently. Basically if you’ve given up on the show you’re either a loser or misguided. Dude has to watch what he says, even if it’s taken out of context the geek community will tear you apart at the drop of a hat.

Lawyer Commercial: One of the hottest ads from the Super Bowl this year was a local one from a lawyer in Savannah, Georgia. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it. This has to become a movie at some point.

Toy Stuff


Hot Toys Batman Cape: Back when I first got my 1989 Micheal Keaton Batman figure from Hot Toys one of my biggest complaints with it was with the cape. At that time I wanted to get my girlfriend to make a custom cape (she’s a professional costume designer), but that never happened. Some dude went ahead and did what I wanted to do and you can check it out more images here. Simply fantastic work. Now I just have to bother the lady enough to get her to make it!

Book Stuff


Ice T Does D&D: Apparently Ice T ended up doing a D&D book “on tape” reading without meaning too. I guess Ice T isn’t into D&D, because he complains about it on a podcast. Well, one point he makes is that it sounds silly, which I often think when watching a sci-fi fantasy or movie TV show. I often think, “I wonder what the actor thinks when they’ve been given this nonsense to repeat.”

Funny Stuff


Dying Moon Rover: Patrick Stewart played the role of China’s dying moon rover. Excellent stuff.


The Mormon War on Masturbation: God gave us parts that are fun to touch, but he’ll send us to Hell to burn in eternity for touching them. The Mormons are well aware of this, so they’ve created a video to show just how important it is to not jerk it. Also you’re supposed to butt into your friends private lives by bothering them if they spank it.

Video Game Stuff


Are You Cool: There’s a video game called Day Z that I think is interesting. You’re playing a survivor in world that’s been destroyed thanks to zombies. The focus of the game is more on survival than the zombies, which is a neat twist even though I don’t think it’s the right game for me. Anyway, this blog chronicling one players experiences in Day Z is really great. I can’t explain why I’d rather read about another player’s experiences than play the game.


Beat GTA V: It took awhile, but I finally beat GTA V. It was a great time. The characters really make this game for me and I like that there are different options for the heist missions. I want to go back and try them out. While I’m not a super huge fan of playing the bad guys in games, GTA really makes the characters relatible and most of the time their actions can be justified (i.e. you’re robbing from jerks anyway). I’ll end up playing online with my buddies, so if you want to join our crew on Xbox Live let me know!

Site Stuff

Amazon Link: Wow, I really have to thank everyone for using the Amazon Links on the site (if you have already). January was way stronger than I thought it would be and you guys and gals are amazing.

On my end whenever I order from Amazon, I pick a different site I like (generally the smaller ones) and click through their links. It’s a nice way of saying thank you to the sites I enjoy for providing content and it costs nothing except for one click.

Anyway, the point of this is to say thank you and to keep me in mind in the future. I’ve got a goal of six more sales this month. Together, we can do it!

  • William Bruce West

    I totally forgot about that Super Bowl commercial, as I was planning on talking about it in West Week Ever. Oh well, it’s for the best. And I’m surprised there hasn’t been more backlash about Clark Gregg’s comments, but I guess that goes to show just how much people have given up on Agents of SHIELD. I don’t expect more than 2 seasons of the show, as they’ve said they have a 2 year plan, and it’ll eventually become too expensive to justify its dwindling ratings.

  • Lamar the Revenger

    Look everybody!! I’m still on the pot!! Must’ve been Taco Bell…

  • Chris Piers

    No mention of Radio Shack’s awesome 80s commercial here? Weird…

  • I didn’t care about it as much as everyone else did. Seeing aging 80s actors is more depressing to me than anything else.

  • Mormons dude. Mormons.

  • Kidd & Play were the least rough looking in the commerical … and that’s saying a lot.