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Wowza it’s Friday already! My life has become a blur now that I have a bunch of responsibility. (I got a new job). Any, here’s some cool stuff like prison snacks, He-Man stuff, toy talk, and a little more! (Glimmer cosplay comes from here)



Mattel Owns He-Man: Of course, everyone knows that Mattel own He-Man, but they most recently won a court battle with Donald F. Glut over the copyright ownership of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Of course Mattel won, they’re a huge corporation! Glut lost under the whole “work for hire” thing that has previously crushed hopes of other writers getting a piece of what they created.

On a related note, Donald F. Glut is one of the most interesting people in the world. He created the first Spider-Man fan film and wrote the novelization of The Empire Strikes Back in addition to coming up with the first four He-Man mini comics.

Friday-Round-Up_g.i. joe toys

People Love Toys: It’s cool to see how much people love other people’s toy collections. Case in point, this last weekend I posted a few pictures of the rather small selection of toys that I have on display (oh I have so many more in boxes) and they were favorited and shared like crazy. In case you haven’t seen my awesome toy collection, here’s the Facebook album with a bunch of pics of them. You don’t have to have a Facebook account to see them, either!

Oh and most of the G.I. Joe and Cobra figures in that photo were the property of Robot’s Pajamas super pal Chris Piers. So thanks to him for being awesome.


Collectors Are Insane: Cool and Collected wrote up a great piece about how toy collectors can be completely insane at times, his example being collectors buying a small piece of cardboard that sold for 200 bucks. I can see why it might be worth that… and the same time I can’t, considering you can cut a piece of cardboard to be the same size.


Ghostbusters Knock Off: This Spook Chasers toy makes me laugh.

Movie Stuff


Ghostbusters 3: I’m one of those dumb dumbs that wants to see a Ghostbusters 3, despite the fact that I may very well be wishing for a total abortion to be thrown on the big screen. However when Harold Ramis passed away it was like the air had let out of the balloon for me. Even if he’d of just had a small camo in the film or wouldn’t have been in it at all.. it’s just not the same now. Well, Ivan Reitman must have felt the same way, because he’s dropped out as possible director of Ghostbusters 3.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer: The latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer hit and well, it looks okay I guess. A funny thing happened to me. I used to yearn for superhero movies. Now that there’s tons of them I care less and less about each one.

TV Stuff


Mst3k is coming back! No it’s not: So Rifftrax is going to have a show on Nat Geo of all places according to some blog no one has ever heard of and everyone who wants to bait some clicks acts like its the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Food Stuff


Want to know what prison food is like? Our friend at Food Junk reveals all!

  • They get Milano cookies in prison?

  • Ben Rollier

    Congrats on the new job! And, nice collection

  • I’m completely ambivalent to this latest incarnation of Spider-Man and will skip out on this entry in theaters. I’ll get around to it when it shows up on Redbox.

  • That’s what I thought. I didn’t question though.

  • Thank you! And double thank you!

  • I want to see the first one… but I hear it’s terrible and the 3D is awful, so it keeps going down on the list.