FRU: Full House, Lego BJs, Dr. Whom, and Much More!

We have a monster sized Friday Round Up for you this week! Potential FRU material kept popping up all damned week. I hope you enjoy it, there’s great stuff in here from X-Men movie news to Dr. Who to the oncoming garbage 2014 TMNT movie!

Cool Geek Stuff


Normally I ignore requests for links and what not that I get in the old Robot’s PJs email account. Generally, they’re junk at best. However, I made an exception to this blog post on Halloween showing how to make a Laura Croft wetsuit costume. Why? Well, I think it should be fairly obvious, I don’t need much of an excuse to post a picture of a super cute lady in a costume.

TV Stuff


Dr. Whom’s Outfit: Dr. Whom fans got their first glimpse at the newest Dr. Whom, Peter Scolari in the newest Dr. Whom outfit. I think it looks pretty cool. Some people were upset by the pose, because people get upset over anything trivial. It’s very reminiscent of a publicity shot done by the 3rd Doctor though, so suck it up, geeks. I really like how it reminds me of a Steve Ditko Dr. Strange pose. I want Scolari to be Dr. Strange now.



Community T-Shirt: Our friend Chris Piers has a friend who had one of his shirts appear on the television show Community. I share this here, because it’s a really sweet shirt. Now I want one!

Full House Reunion: I hated Full House when it was originally airing and still do, however I found this reunion of sorts to be hilarious. It’s the three dads of Full House reassuring Jimmy Fallon that he’ll do okay as the Tonight Show host.

Speaking of Dave Coulier, does anyone remember his show Out of Control? Man, I used to love that thing. Maybe I should post about it someday.

Movie Stuff


New TMNT Design: Last week we ran the leaked picture of the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume pic. While this is better than that thing, these Turtles are fairly silly looking in a “We’re taking ourselves too seriously” kind of way. What the fuck is up with the lips?

I saw comments online praising the designs, because they really get to the heart of the characters. Yep, glasses for the smart guy, do-rag for the tough guy, and gold chains for the cool guy. Nothing like stereotypes to lazily define characters, but I guess you can’t expect nothing less than stereotypes from a Bay production. Hopefully there’s not as much overt racism as there was in the Transformers films.

Matrix Meets Kia: Hey remember The Matrix?! It was a super popular movie that spawned two sequels that were so bad that the movie that everyone loved has failed to carry much of a pop culture legacy since their release! Except for this Superbowl Kia ad featuring a fatter and older Morpheus feeding into the consumer culture that I thought the movie was trying to fight. Maybe I was wrong.


Empire Magazine Reveals X-Men: In a battle to stay relevant Empire Magazine got an exclusive reveal on a bunch of the characters from the upcoming X-Men film, X-Men Days of Future Past. Results were mixed with one of the dumbest looking costume designs I’ve ever seen with Quicksilver.

Empire is putting out 25 variant issue covers. Talk about overkill. If you buy them all, please rethink the direction your life is heading in.


Movie Trailers are Too Long: Are movie trailers too long? Theater owners think they are. I think they have a valid point, I don’t understand why I have to sit through a half hours worth of commercials before I can even get to a film. The bigger issue of these trailers is they give away too much. The longer the trailer, the more of the film you’re seeing and the higher likelihood that they’ll be showing important plot points.

Toy Stuff


Porn Star Offers BJ for Legos: Porn star Christy Mack is offering a BJ to someone who can make her a really cool Lego thing for her house. She’s got too many tats for me and I have too little skill building Legos, so I don’t think it can work out for me. Oh yeah, and I have a girlfriend. Well, hopefully the prize will go to someone who isn’t too revolting (for her sake).

Video Game Stuff


Man Saves Xbox: A man went back into his burning house to save his Xbox. Sure, we can all mock him, but if I wasn’t busy trying to save my toys from a fire it would be very tempting to try to save my Xbox 360. I have a lot of Rock Band songs, but more so than that (you can re-download them for free) there’s all my high scores and goal progression. That’s years of work! The news report says the guy suffered smoke inhalation, but no word on the safety of the Xbox.


Free Khan Uniform: I haven’t played a lot of Star Trek Online lately since I did my review, in fact I’ve played none. However I had to log in to get my free Khan uniforms from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I can’t turn away free stuff! Especially free stuff that can give my character that sexy bare chested look! And yes, that’s my Captain, crew, and ship up there.

Table Top Gaming Stuff

Mars Attacks spider monster attacking soldier

Mars Attacks: I finally got the final survey for the Mars Attacks! miniatures game Kickstarter. I was starting to get worried. In addition to the tons of stuff I’m getting for signing on, I opted to pick up some smashed cars since I think they’d be neat minis for other games. I also elected to get an AI deck for solo play. I think it might be difficult to find people to play this game with…

Comedy Stuff

Tony Tudor: One of the people I met when Matty started doing stand up was a fellow that goes by the name of Tony Tudor. Tony is fucking hilarious. I’m glad to know him and I’m super happy that he’s performed at Caroline’s in New York City. That’s a pretty big deal considering he’s a local Milwaukee/Chicago comic.

  • William Bruce West

    Peter Scolari? You’ve done it again!

    I thought I read somewhere that Christy Mack’s BJ thing had been called off. Maybe I just imagined that.

    I guess I’m dead inside, as the TMNT images don’t spark any sort of emotion in me. I guess it’s because I know they’ll just be rebooted in 5 years. At this point, it’s like getting mad at a Power Rangers incarnation – they just start all over again in a year. Plus, the TMNT designs remind me of the Jim Lee designs they had in the late 90s, so it’s nothing revolutionary, but not very popular. We’ll just see what happens.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lego thing was called off, because technically its prostitution.

  • Lamar the Revenger

    I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again: I don’t care how their costumes look. As long as they kill Storm the same way John Byrne drew it, I will be a happy X-Geek.

  • AGilford

    You know I had to find the Lego BJ story first, then go back and read the rest. I’m thinking that “called off” means the offer has been moved to a secret subreddit. The TMNT new looks are creeping me out more and more. Now, I’m off to find a screenshot of the Laura Croft wet suit scene. You know, to check authenticity.

  • Christy Mack’s contest was called of as she got a C&D from the LEGO people. I was rushing to complete my submission … errr

    In regards to the TMNT images, earlier this week I got an email from Playmates PR ahead of the leaks asking not to post any images as they have an event at Toy Fair in two weeks. As far as the reaction, let me see it in context and we’ll go from there. There were fans incensed by the look of the new cartoon designs as well. Let the neck beards go back to there message boards …

  • When I first wrote the story I figured it wouldn’t happen at all.

    Are you calling me a neck beard for hating on the new Turtles?!