FRU – Captain America 2, Star Wars, WNUF, and Cat Stuff!

Captain America The Winter Soldier

Welcome to today’s Friday Round Up! I have some good stuff for you all from Star Wars to Captain America, to a bit of sad stuff. It’s all a great big part of life though. Read it and enjoy and please let me know what you think!

Movie Stuff

Captain America 2!

Seems like every geek has lost his or her shit over Captain America 2 or Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It looks pretty awesome, I have to say. I wasn’t really on board until Falcon showed up. I don’t know why either. I’m not a huge Falcon fan. Maybe because they found a way to get him in?

Also the Helicarrier crashes. Holy shit, what a piece of garbage. Has it ever appeared in any media where it hasn’t crashed? I complained about it in my Avengers review and they still managed to crash it in the Captain America sequel!

J.J. Abrams and a Star Wars Logo

Star Wars Gets New Writers: The guy who was writing Star Wars, Michael Arndt is out and J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan are in. I have extremely mixed feelings about this as Abrams is completely hit or miss (mostly miss). Kasdan wrote Empire, but can he reign in Abrams?

One thing that can’t be overlooked in all of this is this Funny or Die video featuring Arndt not being able to write Star Wars. It’s really quite sad now.

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Raw Footage Luke and Yoda with clapboard in frame

Extra Return of the Jedi Scenes: Recently some folks that run the Star Wars Revisited site (which is worthy of it’s own post) acquired a rare laserdisc featuring out takes and different angles from when Luke visits Yoda in Return of the Jedi. They were on a demo disc for an editing machine Lucas made in the 80s. The gist of the story is at Gizmondo and worth a read for any Star Wars fan.

The WNUF Halloween Special: After seeing Jay’s review (From Half in the Bag / Red Letter Media fame) for the WNUF Halloween Special movie, I had to buy it. The first reason was that I really liked the premise. It’s a pretend bootleg of a tape that recorded a local TV station’s Halloween special where shit got real. The second reason is that for a limited time you can actually get it on VHS. I like the idea of getting a bit more of an authentic experience. Expect a review when I get it!

Video Game Stuff

Dungeons and Dragons Arena of War Title Screen

D&D Mobile: The new D&D Game, Arena of War, is out for iPhone and Android now. I was excited for a brief second until I saw that Hasbro partnered with Mobage again. Mobage is a garbage dump. I’ve tried three Mobage games now. Each time it took forever to get into them because it said it was downloading updates, despite the fact that I JUST downloaded the fucking game. The second reason why I hate Mobage is that their games always require a connection. Yeah, I know I suck. I live in an area where I always don’t get a good enough signal. But for Crom’s sake, why do you need to be connected? Can’t you play offline until you get reconnected and then it does whatever it needs to do so badly like ask you for money? Garbage.

Look, I’m not some hardcore gamer snob. I’ve got a few games on my phone that are all free to play. I will never play a game that requires an always on connection on my phone. Nor will I play one that makes me wait 10 minutes because I’m stuck on a loading screen.

Cat Stuff

Skeletor toy riding on Panthor, which is actually a small black kitten

Skeletor Riding a Kitten: I posted the above picture on The Robot’s Pajamas Facebook page. I had no idea where it originated, it was just a silly picture. As of writing this 15,800 people have seen that picture. It’s been shared over 200 times. It really has done nothing for the site and it’s only given the Robot’s Pajamas Facebook page a few more likes. It’s popular “as all get out” though. Other people shared it at the same time, meaning this thing has probably been seen millions of times total.

I tried to track down the original source and as far as I got was this Facebook page of a He-Man fan from El Salvador. I didn’t see the actual post on the page, so I don’t know how true it is. Either way, it’s genius.

Topper, white cat scratching door looking down at him

Topper: The above cat was my Mom’s cat Topper who passed away this week. I know you don’t give a crap, but I wanted to put him on here anyway. Besides he even showed up on the blog once before. He was one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever known. He’d even play fetch like a dog! Holy balls, I really miss him.

Site Stuff

The Header! I updated my blog’s theme yesterday and… the header disappeared. Now it looks really stupid with the flowers or plants up there. I don’t have time to fix it until this weekend. In the meanwhile I feel like I showed up to school in my underwear.