FRU: Avoiding Homework Again Edition

Hey kids, it’s another rip roaring adventure of Friday Round Up goodness! And yes, I totally avoided homework to write this post! You’re welcome!

Toy Stuff


G.I. Jeff: While nothing is going on in the offical world of G.I. Joe, the Fan Club Convention is happening this weekend and last week Community aired it’s G.I. Jeff episode. I finally checked it out on Hulu and man, it was brilliant. I didn’t realize how much of G.I. Joe was actually going to be in it. I thought it was all parody. But it was G.I. Joe down to the theme song and classic voice actors, and even toy commercials! And as far as the plot… I only have five more years to get to 40. Sigh.


Han in Carbonite: I remember when I was in high school there was a Han Solo in carbonite available for purchase. It was thousands of dollars and I was never going to afford it. Well, now Sideshow Collectibles finally made a Han Solo in carbonite and… it costs thousands of dollars and I’ll not be able to afford one.


Ravage Replica: Some dude made a totally bitching Ravage from Transformers out of foam! Just look at that thing! If you want to see more making of pics of his creation, just click on this link.


Totally Tubular 80s Toys: I was looking through Totally Tubular ’80s Toys with my girlfriend the other night and we had a good time nostalging together. That’s a word, right? Anyway, I have to officially recommend the book. It’s kind of in the middle between a book for collectors and a book for the common person. It’s full of pretty much every toy from the 80s (not every single toy, but brand). Check it out!

Movie Stuff

The Original Predator Costume: I’d known that the original alien costume for Predator was a lot worse looking and completely different and I had also known that they got close to production with it, but I didn’t realize that it was actually being filmed. This is the first time I’ve ever seen footage of that suit. I’m really glad it didn’t work out.

Carls Jr/Hardees and X-Men: So the worst looking superhero in the history of movie superheroes was in a terrible ad for a breakfast sandwich.


Battlestar Galactica Again: Wow, it sounds like plans are back on track for making a Battlestar Galactica film that’s completely unrelated to the Sci-Fi Channel version. I’m a bit excited to see what they come up with, but did the horrible ending of Battlestar sour people too much? Or will the general public that may have watched the show get that this is another reboot (of sorts)?

Comic Stuff


Garfbart: What happens when you mix Garfield and Dilbert? Some oddly surreal and often times dark comics. I love this comic. It’s the best. You can find more here.

Wrestling Stuff


Ultimate Warrior’s Death: I stopped watching wrestling at a very young age. I got out of it well before every wrestler became a regular dude with a baseball hat or whatever. I still loved it when there were characters. Ultimate Warrior was one of my favorites, because he was so crazy out there. My love for him diminished greatly after I found out he was a nutjob that sometimes said racist or homophobic things. It’s so odd to see people acting like he was this saint on social media. I think people are mourning the character of the Ultimate Warrior more so than the real dude. Also this tribute art is terrible.

  • William Bruce West

    “I got out of it well before every wrestler became a regular dude with a baseball hat or whatever.” So true. If you wrestled, your stage name would be Vincent. Not even Vincent Robot, which is surely the name of some intergalactic champion.