FRU: Antman, Devil Baby, and oh so much more!


Welcome back to another Friday Round Up! I scoured the internet for all the greatest geek related news bits and what not I could find throughout the week. Hope you all enjoy it. And leave a comment with some of your thoughts. Agree, disagree, or whatever.

Movie Stuff

Antman News: In some super huge Antman movie news it was revealed that Michael Douglas was cast as Hank Pym. If you don’t know comics, he’s the guy that invented the Antman technology and was Antman first. That means that the star of the flick, Paul Riser, is going to be another character that in the comics stole the Antman costume. This could lead to a really interesting story, you see Hank Pym has done some things that aren’t that great like smacking his wife and betraying his team. Oh yeah and accidentally creating one of the Avengers most powerful enemies. Whoops! You can address those issues, maybe have him appear to be bottomed out and/or given up the suit when this thief steals it.


Guy Wants Job: Marvel cast some dude for some villain in the Avengers 2 movie. The thing I found funny was a blog post from a movie news site where this random dude asked for the job and left his name and number to contact him. It could probably be an enemy of his leaving personal info or it could be the work of an honest dumb dumb.

Devil Baby: This video of an animatronic devil baby blew up on the social medias this week. If you don’t like pranks, you probably won’t like it. I love pranks, except when they’re played on me. Anyway, this one is hilarious and well done. The funny thing is they show a bit of a teaser for the movie at the end and it was really anti-climatic. Get me all excited for people being scared shitless via prank and then follow up with some lame serious horror flick? No thanks. Damn… I really miss Scare Tactics.


Q.T.’s Next Movie: Quentin Tarantinos’s next film is probably going to be a Western called the Hateful Eight and it might have Bruce Dern. I’m on board already. I still have to see Django Unchained. Man, what the hell is wrong with me?

Video Game Stuff

He-Man Fan Made Game: This He-Man video game has been making the rounds lately. It looks pretty cool. It reminds me a lot of the G.I. Joe side scrolling beat em up, G.I. Joe: Attack on Cobra Island. If it’s anything like that, be sure to download it now before they get a cease and desist on this puppy.

It’s a shame that gaming companies don’t do these sorts of things. They try sometimes, but usually the efforts are just watered down attempts, like the G.I. Joe mobile card game or the He-Man mobile game that kind of sucks.

Comic Stuff


The Question about Stan Lee: Up until a few years ago if you would have asked me what everyone’s perception of Stan Lee was, I’d have told you that everyone loves him. That is not the case. There are many that despise him and look at him as a con man who stole the credit from those around him. This article by Chris Sims goes into detail on who Stan Lee is and how he can be viewed. I find it to be an incredibly fair assessment of the man. Yeah, it’s a long article, but worth it if you have any interest in comic’s history.

Toy Stuff

DST’s Star Trek Stuff: I noticed that Diamond Select Toys linked to a video showing legendary ex-ToyFare staffer Zach Oat showing off some upcoming Star Trek product. I particularly liked the Bird of Prey. If I had a lot more room for Star Trek items, I’d have a ton more of their ships. But alas, I have too much Star Wars stuff to make any room for Star Trek at the moment.


G.I. Joe: You wouldn’t know it by looking at a toy aisle, but 2014 is the 50th anniversary of G.I. Joe. It’s incredibly depressing that Hasbro has yet to announce anything special for this monumental milestone. In fact, right now is a pretty depressing time to be a G.I. Joe fan. After Retaliation, new G.I. Joe product has been scare at best.

Cool Stuff


Godzilla’s Guts: Ever want a scientific discussion on Godzilla? Of course you do! I found this article about Godzilla on to be incredibly interesting.

Important Stuff


Fallout: No not that game, I found this article about how to survive a small nuclear blast to be worth checking out. One of my interests is in World War III and what would happen or could happen if something terrible like nukes reigning hellfire from above actually happened.

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    “That means that the star of the flick, Paul Riser …”

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    Thank God it’s Rudd and not Riser. If it was Riser, I’d say Helen Hunt would be up for Wasp.