FRU: An Excuse to Write about Ghostbusters News


It’s Friday, which heralds the return of the weekend and also brings the Friday Round Up! I’m excited, because there’s some Ghostbusters news. I love Ghostbusters news.

Movie Stuff


Ghostbusters are Back! The Ghostbusters 30th anniversary is still going in case you forgot. Sony announced the good news that Ghostbusters is coming to Blu Ray (again), Ghostbusters II will also hit Blu Ray (uh okay), and they’ll each feature deleted scenes. I’m really hoping that we get to see the Louis Tully sublot from Ghostbusters II!

Even better news is that Sony is putting Ghostbusters back on the big screen in a re-release. Hopefully, it’s a wide re-release, because I haven’t seen Ghostbusters in a theater since it originally came out and that librarian scared the shit out of me. So far I’ve been unable to find a list of theaters where Ghostbusters will be showing. Anyone find a list yet?



Star Wars: First we saw the construction of a Millennium Falcon, then we saw an X-Wing (newer model, mayhaps?). Then JJ Abrams releases a note talking about leaked pictures, which just happens to be on the holochess table from inside the Falcon. Cute. Not cute is having to see that same picture of the note all Crom damned day on my Twitter feed.

Oh yeah and the set pics of the ships:


Toy Stuff


Ghostbusters Lego: You didn’t think I was done talking about Ghostbusters, did you? The Lego Ghostbusters are now available for purchase. I have to pick me up a set!

Comic Stuff


Bill Finger Batman Cover: This might not seem like a big deal, but it is for comic’s fans. DC finally gave Bill Finger credit on the cover a Batman comic. I’m not going to get into it again, but Bill Finger was a silent “partner” of sorts who basically came up with almost everything we know about Batman while Bob Kane got all the public credit.


Scrooge McDuck Art: I follow artist Brian Shearer on Twitter and aside from being a nice dude, he’s a great artist. He was selling some arts on eBay and I admired his Scrooge McDuck vs. Monopoly Man (aka Rich Uncle Pennybags) work. I didn’t buy it, but I certainly admired it. Check out his eBay seller page for more arts when it’s listed. I’d like to see Mr. Peanut give Pennybags a beating now. Never liked that guy.


Not for Kids: “Muskrat John” the artist most famous (to me) for the art on the Munchkin card game recently found a really innappropriate ad on the back of his child’s (child targeted) comic book. He had some fun with it. Check out the whole thing here.

Video Game Stuff


Mortal Kombat: Since I’m about five years behind everyone on pop culture, I decided to give the 2011 Mortal Kombat game a spin. It’s pretty fun and it’s really cheap right now. Mine has Freddy Kruger on it, which is cool but weird.

Since I’m on a Mortal Kombat kick, I started watching the web series, Mortal Kombat Legacy. I had watched the first two episodes when it originally was released and wasn’t that impressed. I pushed through this time around and found myself enjoying it. I’m only about 5 episodes in and so far they actually got me to like Johnny Cage with the changes they made to his character. (Down on his luck actor opposed to just an asshole).

  • William Bruce West

    I need to come back to Legacy, too. I remember watching those first eps and thinking “That’s kinda cool”, and then I promptly forgot about it. How many are there?

  • There’s 10 in the first season, 10 in the second. At least now you can just watch them all in a row without having to wait or anything.

  • Shawn

    I loved both seasons of Mortal Kombat Legacy for the most part, but those two Kitana episodes in season 1 were kind of boring. I would liked to have seen more episodes like the Raiden episode in season 1, too. That one was so different than a typical Mortal Kombat story.

    And now that you’ve found you like Mortal Kombat again you should give Injustice a try.