FRU: All the Geeky Stuff You Want, None of the Fat


What Christmas is REALLY about.

Charity Stuff


Give to Toys for Tots! Did you know it’s not too late to give to Toys for Tots? In the unlikely event that there are still collection bins in your area, you can instead donate to them online. Their program costs money! Help them help kids!

And remember if you donate to Toys for Tots your donation can be matched. I’m a tad disappointed in you all for not partaking in Infinite Toys for Tots. Lend a helping hand this holiday season!

Video Game Stuff


Star Trek: MMO So for some reason I decided to give the Star Trek MMO, Star Trek Online a shot (along with a couple other MMOs). I may write about the experience in the future, but for now it’s pretty decent. There’s a lot I like about it, particularly in that it doesn’t particularly feel like an MMO.

The one clear thing I’ve learned from playing it is that my laptop is terrible for games. The game looks NOTHING like the above screenshot. Star Trek Online looks more like a game better suited for the PS1 than a modern day computing device and my computer is only two years old! So annoying. I may actually invest in a gaming PC now. So much for a “free” game!

If you play or if you’re thinking about trying (why not, it’s free?), then I’m Vincent Lord Captain of the U.S.S. Mustang. Let’s chill… in SPACE!

Pop Culture Stuff


Cool and Collected: The Cool and Collected Magazine is now available! I suggest you purchase a copy and I’m not just saying that because I have an ad in it!


Toy T-Shirt: The above shirt was done by @JadBean (twitter) and while I’m not a huge fan of mash ups like everyone else seems to be, I love this combination of almost every major 80s toy line. You can purchase it here for that special someone in your life… like me!

Movie Stuff


Ant Man: Paul Rudd is going to be Ant Man. Well that’s something. Not sure why there’s a need for an Ant Man movie, but if Edgar Wright is directing Ant Man, then it will probably be pretty good. Let’s see if Paul Rudd can bring that same magic to Ant Man that he brought to the Fast and the Furious films!

Godzilla: Every nerd on Earth already saw this trailer for Godzilla, but I missed posting it last week and it would be a crime not to acknowledge it here on the blog.

Edge of Tomorrow: I hadn’t really heard anything about this flick until I saw the trailer. On the face of it, Tom Cruise in another sci-fi movie doesn’t seem that exciting, but the trailer looks pretty good. It’s got an interesting twist that hopefully pays off (Tom is stuck in a time loop where he keeps getting killed). I find it interesting that it kind of looks like how Starship Troopers should have looked if it had been closer to the book.

Hobbit Gandolf

More Hobbits: Sure Digga D did his own Desolation of Smaug review, but if that isn’t enough for you, contributor Rev. Ron did a more in depth take on his own blog. Check it out!

Comic Book Stuff


Superman’s Back Story: I find this comic that is an alternate explanation for the cover of the first Superman comic to be hilarious. I figured I’d share it here, because it rocks. Be sure to check out the other comics at artist Kerry Callen’s website!

Food Stuff


Ovaltine! Food Junk tried Ovaltine and he liked it. As someone who loves Ovaltine (cold not hot), I fully support anyone else trying. It’s awesome! Not only is it filled with tasty choclate goodness, but it’s got tons of vitamins and minerals.

  • William Bruce West

    In high school, I used to drink Ovaltine every day. I agree that it’s best cold!

  • *high five* I thought I was the only person under 50 that has enjoyed it.

    Also, get that Star Trek game.

  • Ben Rollier

    I’m out on Ovaltine. I come from a Quik/Nesquik family. But, chocolate milk is never a bad thing. To each his own.

    “Let’s see if Paul Rudd can bring that same magic to Ant Man that he brought to the Fast and the Furious films!”

    Sarcasm? :) He wasn’t in those movies. It’ll be fun to see how far they integrate Ant-Man into the rest of the cinematic universe.

    Lastly, my issue of the Cool & Collected mag is on it’s way. I’ll be looking for your ad!

  • Dex

    I drink Ovaltine on an almost daily basis. Chocolate only though, none of this malt crap! Also, it’s awesome to toss a couple spoonfuls into the blender when you’re making coffee ice cream frappes/milkshakes.

  • MMmm malt! When I’m into my weight lifting mode I sometimes mix Ovaltine with protein powder.

  • What’s nice about Ovaltine is that it’s got tons of vitamins and minerals unlike Chocolate milk mix.