FRU: A Payload of Geek Infotainment


It’s another Friday Round Up with tons of geek junk for your entertainment. Also, prepare your butts because next week it’s going to be Transformers Week around these parts. There’s going to be tons of Transformers themed goodness.

Toy Stuff


G.I. Joe Hunt: I’ve made another effort at completing my G.I. Joe Defiant shuttle complex. After watching a complete Payload figure (the astronaut that came with the thing) go for 150 bucks I became depressed at the prospect of trying to get one. I knew that the second version of the figure went for less, but I never figured I’d get one for 26 bucks. The Payload above was complete and is in pretty great shape. I think I got a good deal since it was a buy it now. And I’ll totally deal with a yellow paint job over pure white for the cost difference.


Comic Book Stuff


George RR Martin is a Nerd: George R.R. Martin wrote several letters to Marvel comics when he was a young lad of 15. One of these letters became a viral hit… but everyone is saying that he’s being super sarcastic in it. Now, I didn’t exactly get that. One reason is that kids genuinely like not great things. Another is that it matches the tone of other letters he sent which really don’t read as sarcastic. I’m not the only one to think this, this fellow here reads it a different way and he talked to writers who know Martin who said that it was a straight up fan letter. The only person who can end the debate is Martin himself though.


Movie Stuff


G.I. Joe 3: Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura talked at length about critics and Transformers 4. He seems, deluded. He also talks about how G.I. Joe 3 almost didn’t happen until they came up with an amazing short pitch for it and he acts like the greatest films in the world can be boiled down to one or two lines. Eh, I guess. Tons of shitty films can be pitched in one line like, “Speed on a boat.”

Oh yeah, and they also talked about the possibility of new characters.



Predator Reboot: Shane Black, the pussy guy from original Predator, is directing and writing a treatment of a reboot to Predator (or a sequel according to Black). Black has had a few big misses over his career, but he’s also had some certifiably awesome movies. Crossing my fingers on this one.



Pacific Rim 2: It looks like Pacific Rim 2 is going to happen in 2017. Hope it’s as fun as the first one (and in 3D).


TV Stuff


Gotham Reveals: There were some interesting reveals this week for the upcoming Gotham television series. One of the biggest was that Poison Ivy’s “real” name was changed to Ivy Pepper. I have no idea what her original name is, but this is how I imagine a scene from the show.

No Name Character: “And your name, miss?”

Ivy: “My name is…. IVY.”

Cue dramatic music and cut to commercial.


Video Game Stuff

Monty Python Game: It never occurred to me that there would be a video game based on the Minister of Silly Walks sketch from Monty Python, but here we are.


Batman 1989 Video Game: I may write about this more in the future, but the Sunsoft Batman video game semi-based on the 1989 film is one of my favorite licensed games of all time. This is a great break down of the game.


Pop Culture Stuff


George Lucas: George Lucas is going to open up a museum in Chicago. This is exciting to me, because it will be within driving distance. There’s almost nothing cool around here!

  • Chris Piers

    The George Lucas Museum sounds interesting. Isn’t that where his new wife is from?

  • Yeah, I guess he lives there part time now.

  • William Bruce West

    Her real name is Pamela Isley. Ivy Pepper sounds like a failed WB series about a quirky twenty-something trying to make it in the real world.

  • The show was doing really well until Pepper got a different haircut and then everyone lost interest.

  • I’ll never grow tired of Hawkin’s glasses in Predator.