Friday the 13th: The Robot’s Pajamas’ Infographic

Chris Piers   June 13, 2014   Comments Off on Friday the 13th: The Robot’s Pajamas’ Infographic

I love the Friday the 13th movies. I won’t argue that they’re “good” but they’re entertaining. Haven’t seen them? Get caught up with our handy infographic, documenting all the important statistics about Friday the 13th! Click the thumbnail below to see the full infographic.

Friday the 13th Infographic


What? You want MORE? Okay, we normally wouldn’t do this, but here is an infographic detailing HOW every individual was killed by Jason Voorhees. Now we didn’t create this one, it was created for the Canadian news site The National Post, BUT they stopped hosting it years ago (that’s why it doesn’t include the 13 deaths from the 2009 reboot). Fortunately, we saved it and we’re sharing it with you. Happy Friday the 13th, Charlie Brown!

An infographic detailing all of Jason Voorhees' kills