Friday Roundy Uppy: Have a Smurfy Weekend


Hey, fellow nerds and/or geeks. I’ve only got a few things for you this Friday. Please enjoy my quality thoughts and links.

Item: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has made 600 million dollars. Jesus Christ.

Item: My buddy MC Fumanda’s podcast entitled, Dudecast will be live soon. If you like foul language and either are a dude or want to hear dudes in their purest unfiltered form, then you’ll like this. I’ll be linking to it sound.

Item: Marvel Comics character Shatterstar is gay. Rob Liefeld doesn’t like it. I don’t blame him, when you create a character you have certain feelings about who he or she is and if it goes against who you think that character is, then it kind of sucks. Still, Liefeld is a hack so he should shut up.

Item: Is Justin Timberlake Green Lantern in the upcoming live action movie? Sounds crazy, but I’m not going to enter nerd freak out.

Item: The new Smurfs movie has a director. Wait… there’s going to be a new Smurfs movie? SMURFING AWESOME!

Item: If you like the image today, you can buy a shirt from this guy.

  • I clicked the T-shirt link out of curiosity, ’cause the hipster looked like he mighta been illustrated by Evan Dorkin, but the dinosaur didn’t; gotta love the description:

    “A dinosaur fights a hipster, who is cleverly subverting the struggle by wearing an ironic t-shirt of a dinosaur fighting a hipster.”

  • Chad B

    You’ve probably already heard but Ryan Reynolds got the role of Green Lantern.