Friday Roundy Uppy: Week Ending of Stuff


Happy Friday! I suppose this means that you are excited for the weekend. Not for me. I’m unemployed so EVERY day is a weekend day full of shame and depression. Hey, don’t let me ruin your fun though, there’s links!!!

Item: If you were looking for more San Diego Comic Con pictures, Savage handily pointed out that he has a bunch on his site, Old Man Musings. They may not all be of hot chicks, but he takes pics of everything so it’s almost like being there without the B.O. fog in the air. Unless you stink at home. If so take a god damned shower already.

Item: One of my favorite toy blogs that isn’t Toy Bender is having a G.I. Joe week in anticipation for the release of Rise of Cobra. So if you want to catch up on some Joe loving before seeing the possible train wreck in theaters, be sure to check it out.

Item: As I’ve stated before, I’ll be at Wizard World in Chicago, which is a much smaller yet has always been fun comic convention. If you happen to be there and want to say hi to me, let me know in the comments here and we might be able to arrange a meeting. If you’re a hot lady, the chances of meeting me greatly improve.

Item: My buddy Poe (or the crazy nickname “Jason”) of Poe Ghostal’s POA wrote a cool list on Topless Robot. It’s the 10 lamest Star Trek Villains.

Item: At this year’s San Diego Comic Con my friend Shawn fucking hugged Baltar from Battlestar Galactica. No Joke! Read his story here. Seriously, I don’t know how anyone could not hug Baltar if they saw him.

Item: I forgot to mention that Old Man Musings is also having a Comic Con swag contest. I won last year and I plan to do it again. So if you enter, prepare to lose to me, suckers!

  • Cool! Two items about me! Thanks! It’s almost like winning the lotto!

  • Vincent

    Hey no problem, I love your pictures. It really is like being there.