Friday Roundy Uppy: The Return!


Well since the blog that normally gets this post is not active, I thought I’d bring them over here. I hope that those of you who have followed me over here enjoy the return of this weekly post! If you haven’t followed that other blog, then this is simple. I post random links and thoughts for your enjoyment and we both walk away happy. Awesome, right?

Item: The first five minute installment of G.I. Joe Resolute should be available today! The whole thing will be also shown on Adult Swim, so be sure to have your DVRs loaded. I’m seriously excited about this. Poop my pants excited.

Item: I think I’m going to switch this here blog to full RSS feeds, meaning you can see everything in your favorite feed reader. 1. Please let me know this is an issue, because the reason I haven’t before is due to the occasional nipple. 2. If I do switch it over, please visit the site occasional so I know you’re out there and reading.

Item: Check out this hilarious list of why Starship Troopers is awesome on Great White Snark’s page! Yes, I wrote it.

Item: Speaking of Great White Snark, he’s got a contest where you can get your very own supremely nerdy cake based on your own idea! Finally, a chance to get my Dune meets Harry Potter cake!

Item: Just a reminder here’s also cool posts by yours truly on Poe Ghostal’s page, if you like toy collecting related items.

Item: If I was rich, I’d totally buy this pretend instruction manual from Blade Runner.

Item: Marvel has started labeling which comics Wolverine doesn’t appear in, because it’s easier to do it that way. Okay, it was only one comic, but it’s still funny.

Item: If you don’t read The Retroist you probably should. He recently posted that the Punch Out II rom is now available for download. If you’re wondering if that’s the unreleased game where Mike Tyson beat up aliens, then you’d be correct.

Item: I’ll unabashedly admit that the one nerd franchise that I love reading books from is Halo. Well, I’m super excited that there will be a new trilogy that finally gets down the the bottom of what the heck happened to the ancient Forerunners that created the Halo. Sweeeet!

  • You’re writing for GWS too?! You whore!

    That’s interesting about the Halo books. Once upon a time I really dug those, especially the first book, “First Strike.”

  • Glad to see Friday Round up is back up and as an added bonus you are carrying on with dinosaur pics!!