Friday Roundy Uppy: The One Where Abe Vigoda Gets Knocked Off


What was that? You wanted some links and random musings? Well, I can hook you right up!

Item: The Joes For Tots contest is going swimmingly so far. The first stage of spreading the word has gone better than expected. The next stage, sending out the press releases, will commence soon.

Item: I was fairly busy with guest posting this week over on the always awesome I wrote about my gunship, dropped some thoughts on a Star Wars dio, and asked for help with Joes For Tots.

Item: I’ve been reading through some of my older stuff here and damn, I’m funny sometimes. If you’ve never seen some of my book reports, I encourage you to take a look at them now. I’m planning on doing a new one shortly as well.

Item: I love the classic TV series The Prisoner and now it’s on Blu-Ray. You can try to win a copy of the entire series here, but you won’t. I’m going to win.

Item: You know what’s a great blog? Metal Misfit. Go there and read it. That is all.

Item: The project where I write some sample chapters and a proposal for a book is nearly complete. I’m almost to the stage where I send it off to get rejection letters. Exciting!

Item: This is hands down, the coolest USB drive ever. It’s Decepticon Ravage!

Item: My laptop is fucked up because of Vista. Anyone have a free copy of Windows 7 they can give me?

Item: I’m watching the Godfather right now. This is the first time I’ve ever seen it. How shameful.

  • Instead of Windows 7, how about a Macbook? :)

  • Vincent

    Paying three times the amount I should have to on a laptop isn’t exactly the solution I’m looking for.

  • Just wondering, when/where will you put up banners for Joes For Tots? I’d like to add one onto my blogs.

  • Vincent

    There’s one on the post on Poe Ghostal. If that’s not big enough or you want a square one I have one on the left hand side here. I’ve got something that’s even smaller that’s lame, otherwise my photoshop skills can’t coem up with much more.

    Let me know if you can’t find the ones I’m talking about.

  • I think I’ll use the one here.

  • The Godfather, on AMC maybe? I just watched it myself for the first time a couple weeks ago! It was OK. Peter Griffin may have been right about it…

    Did you watch the new Prisoner? It’s…eh. Nowhere near the original, but not completely terrible.

  • Vincent

    Actually it came in our Netflix. Strange how it hit at almost the same time. I enjoyed it, but I liked the book better.

    No I did not see it. I don’t have regular TV. Just the internet and Netflix. I’m hoping someone gets me Prisoner on Blu-Ray for Christmas or something.