Friday Roundy Uppy: The Dinosaur Strikes Back

Vincent   March 19, 2010   Comments Off on Friday Roundy Uppy: The Dinosaur Strikes Back


Well, it’s been awhile since we did one of these, is it’s about time to hit you in the face with some important thought bombs and links to random crap, don’t you think?

Item: You don’t want to miss out on the latest “Being a Dudecast“. In this episode, the usual Dudecast crew is down to two, but it still works. At least that’s what I hear, since one of the dudes may or may not be me and I hate the sound of my own voice, so I will not listen to it. Remember, “Being a Dudecast” is extremely not safe for work or the least bit appropriate for any social situation.

Item: The Robot’s Pajamas Facebook page has finally gotten as many fans than the old Toy Bender Facebook page. This is a big deal for me, because Toy Bender used to be a pretty hot deal that I used to work on. Thanks to everyone who became a fan on Facebook. If you haven’t yet, be sure to join up. It’s the cool thing to do! By the way, I did have more, but then I lost a few. I guess it was the boobs… or the poor grammar. Oh well!

Item: If you’re a fan of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I urge you, nay I command you to listen to the Joint Ops podcast. It’s excellent. I’ve played the game with at least two of the fellows and they know Call of Duty. If you like the game at all, you’re missing out not listening to this thing.

Item: I want everyone to keep a look out on Millionaire Playboy, because I’ll have an article appearing there soon. In fact, you should probably go over there now because they have a great interview with Wil Wheaton. What what!

Item: I’m really excited about the Expendables, you know the action movie starring anyone worth starring in an action movie. I hadn’t seen anything from it besides news, so these posters were a nice bonus until we get to see an awesome balls trailer.

Item: You know what’s not normal? Seeing a semi-truck push a car down the highway at full speed.

Item: Move over, Harrier! There’s a new super awesome hovering jet in town!

Item: Check out the amazing tech of 1983 courtesy of Retroist.