Friday Roundy Uppy: Temple of Dinosaurs


Happy Friday, kids! It’s link time!

Item: Robot’s PJs has a huge increase in traffic thanks to rape! More specifically, CNN decided to do a terrible report on the out of print and never made it to the U.S. video game Rapelay. They had to do some fear mongering and that drove people to Google image search where among some of the pictures they found this here blog and the article I wrote about the game a long, long time ago. Sigh.

Item: Please kill me now. Will Smith is rumored to be interested in two sequels to the abysmal Independence Day.

Item: If you thought that last bit of news was depressing, how about a new American Godzilla film? They can’t possibly screw up Godzilla as bad as they did last time… can they?

Item: This might cheer us all up. Here’s a poem about Airwolf.

Item: 160 Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes. ’nuff said.

Item: Dolphins love bazookas. Fucking awesome!

Item: Are you a fan of the now cult classic Freddy Got Fingered? Here’s a cool print if you are.

Item: Rockband 3 will have vocal harmonies. I’m already excited for Rockband 3, so any tidbit like this is just driving me crazy for more.

  • ur dad

    Personally, I will be happy to see an Independence Day sequel or sequels. Love Will Smith.