Friday Roundy Uppy: Return to the Valley of the Chainsaw Armed Dinos

Vincent   February 12, 2010   Comments Off on Friday Roundy Uppy: Return to the Valley of the Chainsaw Armed Dinos


Word to your mother! Friday Roundy Uppy is back with some more linkage and thought bombs in your face!

Item: I’m a little surprised by the rather large response I’ve gotten to the contest so far. I guess I’ve underestimated the love you people have for free toys.

Item: Speaking of contests, Articulated Discussion is giving a free figure away every month just for commenting on their reviews. Why not at least go there and leave a few comments?

Item: Now that Bioshock 2 is out, who has it and why should I want it?

Item: Finally saw Shaun of the Dead. I can’t believe it took me this long. It’s one of the greatest films ever. So awesome.

Item: Speaking of films, I recently watched the first three Superman movies again. I forgot how “funny” they are. What’s with the beginning of Superman III? It’s like a Three Stooges film on an epic scale.

Item: The Robot’s Pajamas seems to be pretty popular in India. What’s up with that? Also, what’s up with your cartoon porn star? You guys really need to change the laws if your that hard up for porn.

Item: Now that the Superbowl has come and gone I can once again be free of football, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Thank Crom.

Item: I think that the Star Trek family is always good for a laugh.

Item: If you want a serious nostalgia trip then look no further to this video from 1985 where they take a look at Transformers toys.

Item: I’ve been doing a lot of posts on Poe, because I miss writing about toys. You can find some of them here, here, here, and here!

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There’s been a lot of items added to Dinosaur Toy Vault since the last time I was all like, “Hey, buy my toys because I need cash and you need toys.” There’s some great stuff though, so be sure to check it out. Remember if you buy something, be sure to tell me you read Robot’s PJs. I’ll throw in some extra free thing.