Friday Roundy Uppy: One Ticket to Gummi Glen Please


Hey, hey welcome to this edition of Friday Roundy Uppy! I’ve got a lot of stuff for you today, so it should keep you busy for a little bit while you’re a avoiding work. I know it kept me busy from looking for work.

Item: The Robot’s Pajamas will be a year old next month. That means I have to renew with my host. I’d like to know if you guys and gals are liking the site enough to keep it going. Leave a comment and decide the fate of Robots PJs! Unless I’m feeling contrary, you’ll get your way.

Item: Did I mention that I started a store to sell my toys and possibly order new toys to sell to you? Well, I probably did. Anyway, go to my store and buy toys! (I’m trying a more direct sales approach).


Item: I’m not going to say that there are any bad Schwarzenegger films out there, because that’s scientifically impossible. However, I will say that after seeing Raw Deal for the first time I found that it’s not that good.

Item: I really need to hang out with someone on Halloween who will wear this terrible Jabba the Hutt costume, it’s just so ironically awesome.

Item: I was the guest on Great White Snark‘s first ever podcast outing. It was my first podcast as well, so I was a little bit flubby. Still, I think if I could get in more practice with that sort of thing I’d be smooth as silk, so if anyone needs me to be on a podcast I’d be all over it, because now I’m hooked.

Item: Satellite radio stars Opie and Anthony have put forward a petition for pro Tennis player Simona Halep not to get a breast reduction. I’m all for saving boobs or at least giving them to the less fortunate, like orphans with no boobs. (Site is kind of NSFW)

Item: Someone started a blog called “Presenting Blog” which features horrid anime statures… presenting. It seems like they are condemning the statues, but I can see where a lot of freaks might get the wrong impression. (Link is NSFW)

Item: Let’s take a break from the NSFW links… uh… oh yeah! My online friend Monte wrote a long and cool look at why Gummi Bears is still awesome. It’s bouncing here and there and everywhere, but mostly here.

  • Jason P

    In regards to renewing the website… Robot’s Pajamas is part of my morning routine now. I would be sad without it :(

  • How is the hosting? You can change hosts, but not quit!

  • Chad B

    If you think there aren’t any bad Arnold films out there watch Hercules in Manhattan, I think it’s on Hulu. Wow is all I have to say.

    In regards to keeping the site going, I hope you do as this is one of the few blogs I check regularly.

  • Look at that, I return to the site after many months away, and just two posts in you’re promoting my shit and threatening to kill The Robot’s Pajamas.

    This is a happenin’ goddamn place.

  • Vincent

    Thanks for the kind words fellows. See, I don’t get a whole lot of comments around here so I’m never sure if anyone is actually reading or enjoying what they see. I don’t want to waste my time.

    lol Monte.