Friday Roundy Uppy: On the Road Again


Sorry for the late update, kids. Enjoy your links!

Item: Expect shortages on your favorite internet sites like this one, Toy Bender, and a minor lack of awesome on Poe Ghostal’s Points of Articulation. This will be due to Babette and I moving to a new secret bunker (ah hem apartment) and I don’t know when I can full internet access again.

Item: Did you know that Back to the Future almost Nuked the Fridge? Crazy.

Item: Great White Snark recently featured a geek wedding cake that I told him about. It’s a G.I. Joe HISS tank that looks delicious, or at least more tasty that the real ones. Too plasticy.

Item: It’s been revealed that the upcoming District 9 is really about… apartheid! Well… duh.

Item: Tom Baker is going to be Doctor Who again! In radio plays. Oh well, at least it’s something.

Item: You can get Ghostbusters
on Blu-Ray on Amazon for 10 bucks after using the $5 off code GHOSTBL. Damn, it’s too bad I used up all my “fun” money on robo-hookers and the Star Trek
movie Blu-Ray set.

  • Emma

    Cool! I like Tom Baker.