Friday Roundy Uppy: Monsters Rules


Today’s Roundy Uppy is special. I don’t know why, it just is. Enjoy!

Item: I got a sneak peak at my friend McFumunda’s podcast entitled, “Dudecast”. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. If you like foul humor and one of the most open discussions on sexuality you can imagine, you’d like Dudecast. I’ll be linking to it when it’s available to the public and I hopefully will make an appearance on the show if Mr. McFumunda will let me.

Item: I’m going to be in a wedding this weekend for my buddy Brian. He’s one of my best friends so this will be awesome. Well, he’s one of my only friends, so I guess he’s one of my best by default…

Item: I can’t stop watching Monsters, Tales from the Darkside, and the 80s version of Twilight Zone on this channel called Chiller. Seriously, I can’t help it and they run this stuff all the time. The only thing that might help me is that these shows didn’t have super long runs. Otherwise I’d have no hope of escape.

Item: Toys R Us bought FAO Schwarz. This means squat to me, since there are no FAO Scharz stores anywhere near me, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Item: For some reason I stay far, far away from most fiction based on movies I like, but I usually will be open up to novelizations based on video games. That’s why I’m sorta excited about the prospect of reading a novel based on Bioshock.

Item: I’ve got to thank any new readers that have hopped on board lately. I noticed a few new names in the comments. I hope you like the place and I’m continually trying to improve. That reminds me, I’m going to push myself to get a little more focused on geeky type stuff with less across the board items. Anyone have thoughts on this? Also, are you guys/gals cool with the boobs on here? If not, too bad. I just want to hear an opinion though. That also brings me to:

Item: If you are a part time writer, artist, or talented in some internet friendly fashion and would like to contribute to Robot’s Pajamas, let me know! I’ll be happy to not pay you for your work. Seriously, I know it’s lame but I can offer some linkage and some juice to promote your own stuff. If I do start making tons of money, you’d also be on my short list for those who get a kickback.

Item: I still haven’t seen Star Trek again or Terminator Salvation. I’ve got to wait until next week before I even think about going. I’m a little disappointed to hear a lot of people not liking Terminator. My friend Shawn of Digital Monkey Box says it’s good though and I generally tend to agree with him on matters like this, so my hope is somewhat restored.

Item: I really can’t stress enough how great of an online store the Dinosaur Toy Vault is. Well, I guess it’s because I own it, but whatever. If you’re in the mood to buy toys please do. I’m trying to get rid of them. If you see something you like, email me so I can give you either a discount or a freebie with your order. I’ll also ship overseas, but I think I have to do that outside the system.

  • Huh. I just played Bioshock for the first time about two weeks ago, and at the time I thought to myself how I would actually have liked to read a novelization…though I’d rather read a novel set in the period before Jack arrives.

  • I liked Terminator Salvation, but then again I liked Terminator III, so what do I know. It isn’t in league with Cameron’s movies, but I thought it was a pretty good science fiction action movie and hoping for more.

  • I honestly loved Terminator Salvation. Its up there with T2 to me. While I enjoyed T3, it pales in comparison to Salvation and the tv show TSCC.

    Recently I scored, using a coupon code, two of the 3 3/4ths Hunter-Killer boxed sets of the playmates T: Salvations toys for 4.95 a piece from TRU. I wouldn’t mind reviewing it for Toybender or here. Your choice.

  • I love clipping coupons! I save approx. $50 a Month doing this! I suggest getting electric scissors when cutting coupons in bulk!