Friday Roundy Uppy: Monster Mash


Hey kids, here’s some random thoughts and links to cool things. Enjoy!

Item: Dennis Quaid says he wants to ride a horse in G.I. Joe 2. A horse wearing a power suit. That may sound stupid, but I trust Dennis Quaid instincts. Anyone who can make friends with an alien enemy on a hostile planet has something going on.

Item: Prepare your brain for some metephorical teabagging! Transformers 3 is coming to theaters in 20011!

Item: Cat builds cardboard mech. We are all doomed.

Item: If you’re in the mood for Halloween fun, this ad for Kool-Aid is fucking terrifying.

Item: Holy shit, did Seth Rogan slim down for the Green Hornet role. I’m probably the only one excited for this film, because I love me some old timey super heroes.

Item: He-Man fans, the Green Goddess has finally been reveled and um… she’s a repaint of Teela. Talk about lame.

Item: There was a valiant attempt to get #21JumpStreet to be a trending topic on Twitter, but it failed. What it succeeded in doing in reminding me how much I liked the show when I was a kid. I don’t think I’ve seen an episode in twenty years.

Item: California softened me to the point where I think I’ll die in this upcoming Wisconsin winter. If this is the case, please bury all my Star Wars toys and that hot girl I had a crush on in college with me.

  • my cats need the mechsuits…

  • I too am looking forward to Green Hornet. I was surprised how in shape Rogen looked. Of course the costume conseals a lot, but he definitely looks good in the role thus far.