Friday Roundy Uppy: Keeping It Real


Yep, it’s back. The post that nobody cares about on a blog that nobody reads. Well, the cool people read it. The cool people and the creepy anime/manga fans.

Item: Dragon Age: Origins has sucked my life away. Anyone else have this? It’s pretty fun, but I’m having a hard time giving a shit about the side quests. I’ve been picking them up and not finishing them. “Find your missing brother to reunite your family? Sure, I can do that… sucker.”

Item: The end is here. Furry Juggalos.

Item: The next Call of Duty game is rumored to be coming out this November? Too soon? Yes.

Item: I recently wrote a comic script that might be included in an anthology. Cross your fingers for me, kids!

Item: Can you draw? Do you have or can you make pictures of dinosaurs? If so, send them to me at and I’ll feature them here!

Item: One of the worst enemies of the toy collector is social ostracism. Another big one is the “scalper”. Articulated Discussion has got an interview with a couple of these oft viewed scum bags. It’s a pretty interesting article that’s making some big waves amongst the nerd community.

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My toy store, Dinosaur Toy Vault, has got some great stuff in like a Back to the Future DeLorean that has lights and sounds and some new DC Universe Classics figures. Remember, every order on DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and (coming soon) G.I. Joe figures comes with a free trading card.

  • Emma

    My fingers are crossed!!

    And I’ve never tried to draw a dinosaur, but if I do I will let you know.

    Also, I like this dog.

  • Vincent

    Hey if you did any dinosaur crafts or anything, pass it on. Tell Todd too.