Friday Roundy Uppy: I’ve Got Two Tickets to Paradise

Vincent   August 21, 2009   Comments Off on Friday Roundy Uppy: I’ve Got Two Tickets to Paradise


Hola! Today’s Friday Roundy Uppy is a special edition of your favorite Friday links and thoughts. Why? I don’t know. It just is.

Item: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Neo.

Item: There is going to be a remake of Excalibur. Okay, so that would be a remake of a movie that was about the story of King Arthur. Why not just base the new film on the King Arthur legends? Why would you need to remake a movie based on the legends!? This makes no sense!

Item: Ahh you angry, bitter nerds. Why are you already thinking Avatar is the worst thing ever when we’ve seen almost nothing from it? Oh that’s right, because you’re nerds.

Item: I’m really tired of the idiots using other people’s names. Seriously, I let “Not Jason P” through, why do people still use Jason P? It doesn’t make any sense. You’d think if you used some common sense and left a brand new name it might slip through. It won’t, but you’d have a better shot.

Item: Now this is funny.

Item: Let’s reminisce about Big League Chew for a moment. That was nice.