Friday Roundy Uppy: I’ve Got a Ticket to the World


How about a late round of Robot’s PJs approved links and thoughts? Yeah, I thought you were dying for some.

Item: If you follow my work, then you probably have already heard that the preeminent toy blog that I ran is now dead. If you haven’t yet seen my post about it on Poe Ghostal’s blog, you should. There’s a funny video at the end.

Item: I now own a dolly.

Item: I want to thank anyone who joined the Robot’s PJs Facebook page, commented this week, or even just started visiting this site. I know there’s a bunch of you out there, so I promise to keep bringing awesome as long as you keep coming back.

Item: I don’t think I mentioned it here before, but I totally won a G.I. Joe animation cell from Millionaire Playboy. I’ll be posting a pic of it here when I pick it up from my parent’s house. So in the meantime, just read their blog.

Item: I’m obsessed with Lost and am quickly catching up through season 4. I hate a lot of the stupid troupes, but I’m still hooked.

Item: The creator of mundAIM, Jacon, is now on Twitter. Follow him!

Sponsored Item: My toy store, Dinosaur Toy Vault is doing well. I’ve added a bunch of things since the last time I wrote about it here and I’m working with one of the coolest dudes in the world on an ad. Check this shit out:


Now that’s poop your pants awesome.

  • Rock and or roll, brutha! Its sad to hear about Toybender but I am glad you’ll still be rollin’ with TRP.

  • Great dude! That’s nice to hear about dinosaurs..