Friday Roundy Uppy: In the Soup Line

Vincent   May 22, 2009   Comments Off on Friday Roundy Uppy: In the Soup Line


It’s Friday and I’m actually sick of unemployment. Crazy, right? Well here’s your links, I’m back to applying for my dream job!

Item: In order to fulfill our cute quota we present guinea pigs in coats.

Item: I still need to make time to see Star Trek again with Babette and my buddy and now I’m behind on Terminator Salvation. Has anyone seen it? I’m a little disappointed that the reviews that are coming out aren’t super positive. Still, I liked Terminator 3 so the bar is set pretty low for me.

Item: Coolest use of a Transformer ever.

Item: These are some of the coolest animated style pictures of Ghostbusters and Back to the Future. They look like they’re from Disney sized budgeted 2D animated flicks and are sweeet.

Item: I love Dork Yearbook, it’s a blog that shows old timey dorkitude. Check out this awesome picture of a kid with Go-Bots figures.

Item: Meet the people who had sex in their car while their kids were in the back seat.

Item: Want to buy some cool toys? Well check out this self promoting link here that takes you to where I’m selling a chunk of my toy collection! Do it for America!