Friday Roundy Uppy: If You Feel Like Dancing, Come on Its Up to You



Item: Your dear webmaster extraordinaire has a real job. And by real job I mean a temporary job working at a bookstore. It’s neat, but man I remember when I used to get paid real money to do 1/3 the amount of work. Life is cruel.

Item: Why no Nerd Approved Babes yesterday? Please see above.

Item: Cloverfield 2. Your thoughts? I rather liked Cloverfield and didn’t understand the nerd rage backlash on the film. So what if the main characters were kind of twatty? You’re not always supposed to like protagonists.

Item: By the way, is it just me or is it kind of hard reading Topless Robot sometimes? I mean, I like the site, but the constant bitching about everything gets annoying. I’m trying to keep it more positive here, because nerd rage really bothers me.

Item: Fellow nerd Monte is off in Africa right now and he’s got a blog post where he talks about the future of G.I. Joe. I recommend reading it if you like toys and have a lot of free time.

Item: I finally got my winnings (a G.I. Joe animation cel) from I owe both them and you a picture of it. The biggest problem is I need a haircut… okay actually I’m just lazy.

Item: The Shazam! *cough* Captain Marvel *cough* movie got a new writer. So how in the world would it be possible to have a Captain Marvel/Shazam movie before another good Superman or a Wonder Woman flick?

Item: I need: A. Someone to make me a sandwich for work and B. to cut it into a dinosaur shape. Chop Chop!

  • Dude, yeah Topless Robot is way too heavy on the Loathing nowadays. Even the Fan Fiction Friday seemed phoned in. Ugh. Dammit Rob, its so hard to not love you.