Friday Roundy Uppy: Happy Halloween Smashasaurus Rex


Item: Halloween is almost upon us and I haven’t watched a scary movie yet. Man, I’m totally unprepared.

Item: Speaking of scary, you know what’s scary? A skin making machine.

Item: If you wondering what Klingons look like in the JJ Abrams Star Trek universe they you can check them here. Of course they’re wearing creepy Klingon bondage masks, so there’s that.

Item: How did I not know about this? I mean, it’s probably one of the most awesome things of all time.

Item: Please oh please let there really be a Mechwarrior movie in development. If District 9 proved anything, is that the world is now ready for battle mech based movies.

Item: Cliff Chang does it again with these sweet convention sketches. I love that man.

Item: Four year old dresses up like Jereth from Labyrinth. Awesome.

Item: I feel horrible, I didn’t mention the passing of Captain Lou Albano. You will be missed, dancing Mario.

  • Babette

    It is especially odd that you didn’t mention Captain Lou’s passing since I spent three days whining about his loss. I say put multi-colored rubberbands in your goatee as a fitting memorial.