Friday Roundy Uppy: Crazy About Star Trek Edition


Hey, hey kids! It’s our usual collection of interesting links and random thoughts. Enjoy your Friday!

Item: Want to win an old Star Trek toy? Well first read this article here and then go here to enter. Simple, huh?

Item: Speaking of winning Star Trek stuff, you can win a “best of” DVD of Star Trek the Next Generation from Great White Snark. Get to it people!

Item: This list of the top ten nerd arguments is highly fascinating. Go read it and then come back so we can fight about who was the best host of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Item: Aside from the fear of a pile of bills and impending financial doom, I’m really digging unemployment again. I would certainly recommend it to a friend.

Item: I’m going to a bachelor party this weekend where there won’t be strippers. What the fuck?!

Item: So after skipping Wolverine, I’m really excited to see Star Trek and even more excited to see Terminator: Salvation. Babette has expressed little interest in seeing neither. So who’s going with me?

  • Jason P

    I’m totally up for seeing both those movies.

  • my bachelor party was a night of video games and laser tag.