Friday Roundy Uppy: Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

Here’s your uber late Friday Roundy Uppy. Don’t blame the player, blame the game.


Item: Sorry again for the lack of a Nerd Approved Babe on Thursday. My new temp day job hinders my internet activities. Does anyone really miss it though?

Item: There’s rumors going around that Sarah Conner Chronicles might get a bit of a reprieve in the form of a TV or direct to DVD movie. Don’t hold you’re breath though, it’s never going to happen. (Dear Lord, please make it happen.)

Item: This Lost season 5 box set is the coolest thing ever. It even comes with a VHS tape that’s a Dharma orientation video!

Item: It looks like the ex-Mr. Madonna, Guy Ritchie, is going to direct the Lobo movie. I can’t stand Lobo, but for some reason I’d watch the film with Ritchie behind the wheel.

Item: Great, at first I had to ignore the homeless and now I have to ignore homeless robots.

Item: I’m making my way through Buffy season 2. Man, I like the show a lot more than I used to, but I’m still not an ultra fan. Are any of you Buffy fans?

  • NAB is the reason some people even wake up on Thursday! But I’m glad at least you’ve found a temp job in the bad economy.

  • can’t function without the NAB! and a dislike of the Main Man? Alan Moore always said Watchmen was unfilmable. I feel the same way about Lobo. As much death and destruction he deals out, it’ll get an NC-17 rating. Anything less would make him a wuss. And everyone knows what happens when you call Lobo a wuss.