Friday Roundy Uppy: Dinofeet

Item: I want to make it known that Sam R. is the coolest person in the world, but his email isn’t working so I can’t thank him. He sent me an action figure! If you’d like to be the coolest person in the world, I can send you my wish list.

Item: My goal to kill over 53,000 zombies on Left for Dead is nearing completion. Less than 9,000 to go! Better hide your zombie relatives, folks.

Item: I need to plug something cool. If you like some of the most frank talk ever, which includes sex, poop, and other topics you can’t listen to at work, you really have to listen to Being a Dudecast. It’s extreme, but it’s hilarious.

Item: Is this the greatest idea for a Halloween costume ever or a horribly offensive request? You decide!

Item: Remember how I want those DC Universe figures really badly? Well, Articulated Discussion is giving away three of the best ones. That’s a sweet contest.

Item: I have a feeling that the seven patty Burger King Whopper isn’t real, but hot damned I wish it was.

Item: This is the greatest comic ever. Men’s liberation!

  • Yup the seven patty Burger King Whopper IS real and makes a great marketing tool for M$. I just can’t imagine one person eating the whole thing

  • those patties are crushing the lower bun!