Friday Roundy Uppy:

Vincent   July 24, 2009   Comments Off on Friday Roundy Uppy:


Item: The Voltron Movie is back on track. Hurray? Is anyone really excited about this?

Item: There’s something called “Comic Con” happening this weekend. I guess lots of nerds are learning nerd things and buying of comics and toys.

Item: Speaking of nerd-cons, I’m getting more and more excited for Chicago’s Wizard World convention. Hopefully I can get confirmation on my press credentials soon, because I want to cover that thing like a fly on stink. If you’re going to the con and would like to meet the coolest person in the world, let me know so you can bask in my glory.

Item: I had a dream last night where I lived in a haunted house that had a ghost prostitute in it. I also had a bunch of He-Man figures. I’m not sure which is more awesome, the He-Mans or a ghost hooker.

Item: Sam Raimi is going to direct a World of Warcraft movie. Huh.