Friday Roundy Uppy: 2 Fast 2 Dinosaur

Vincent   April 30, 2010   Comments Off on Friday Roundy Uppy: 2 Fast 2 Dinosaur


We’re back with a short Friday Round Up for today to take care of some bidness.

Item: Don’t forget to enter the Dinosaur Toy Vault free toy contest by liking the Facebook page and/or the Twitter account!

Item: Even though I’m not going to be able to make it to any major nerd convention this year, I will make it to a tiny convention in Milwaukee this Sunday. If you go, you might recognize me by the fact I’ll be holding Mark Bellomo collecting guides in each hand.

Item: I’m in a total Left 4 Dead 2 kind of place right now. Hell, I’m zombie crazy. I’m even working on zombie comic scripts? What’s this mean? Well, I hope that I’ll be even more prepared for when World War Z does occur.

Item: Want to watch some weird stuff? How about some old Communist cartoon adaptations of famous sci-fi works?

Item: The Jonah Hex movie promises to have some awesome which includes horse mounted gatling guns. Sweet!

Item: Ever wonder how trustworthy facial hair is? This handy chart will help you out!