Friday Round Up: Yeah It’s Friday

Why this image? Because boobs.

Why this image? Because boobs.

Media Stuff:

Star Wars: Star Wars may or may not have a director in the form of J.J. Abrams. So far no real confirmation, but the internet went crazy like it was true. I don’t get why people wait a little bit instead of acting like every rumor is the real deal. The biggest problem with this is when people just read a headline and assume something is true.

Enough real news sources have announced it as legit, so if it is true here are my thoughts… Abrams is a capable director that makes fun movies. Unfortunately, they often seem to lack emotional resonance. People love Star Trek ’09, but I felt like it was empty (also that fucking engineering section that was a brewery was the worst set I’ve seen in modern film). Fun? Yeah, but a totally disposable film. Let’s hope he gets a good script for Star Wars. And fucking knock it off with the lens flares.

Speaking of this news, one of the bloggers on Wired published the least funny lists I’ve ever seen. Seriously, how do I toil away in obscurity when shit like this can get on Wired. Each one of these “jokes” needs either crickets or the sound of a single person coughing in a large audience.

Table Top Game Stuff:

Munchkins: I purchased the “Reindeer Games” expansion pack for Munchkins and while I haven’t played it yet, looking at the cards makes me realize I should have the other Santa themed cards. Damn it! Add that to my list of expansions I want and Munchkins can be considered a new cash hole for me.

Ghostbusters RPG Update: The Ghostbusters Milwaukee crew unwittingly ate pot brownies with a guy who was a lot like Hunter S. Thompson, then cleared up a case by having a ghost finish watching an episode of “My Mother the Car”, which he didn’t get to finish before he died. They then stopped a ghost at a local historic theater by blasting and trapping her. In the process they accidentally hit the screen with their proton packs and ripped it in half. Luckily they had the theater manager sign a damages waiver. Finally, they started a campaign and got lots of options for stuff to do after they battled a mailman ghost. Spooky! In real life we drank Margaritas and ate normal brownies and pizza. Man, role playing is THE BEST.

Also, I managed to get the Ghostbusters International pdf via torrent. I hate torrenting things. I’m left with no choice when a used copy is super rare, it’s out of print, and there’s no legal way to get a pdf. Anyway, I might adopt some of the stuff to my Ghostbusters game (click here if you want a review), but overall it’s a bunch of rules that looks like it waters down the fun of the original system.

Site Stuff:

Snacks: I’ve really been enjoying doing my Snack Report posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. At some point I’m going to get in shape again so I won’t be able to do as many. In the meantime, I have a few good ones planned. Mostly they involve Hostess because I need to start clearing out freezer space. Stay tuned!

Life Stuff

Well school has started again for me if you couldn’t tell. I’ve already missed a couple of updates. I’m going to keep trying to post though!

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  • HowardtheDeck

    Yaya Han is probably my favorite cosplayer. Legendary. She’s one of the judges of the Geekie Awards. and I like Hostess snacks.

  • Lamar The Revenger

    Better than movie Baroness..