Friday Round Up: What’s Old is New Again!

Vincent   September 26, 2014   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: What’s Old is New Again!

Welcome back fans of Friday Round Up! We’ve got a hand picked pile of geek related news and info to complete your week. I dug up some older stuff that I forgot about, but it’s still gold!

Toy Stuff


Hot Toys Does Han and Chewie: One of the big toy news items this week was Hot Toys doing a version of Han Solo and Chewie (some sites erroneously reporting that it’s their first Star Wars figures). Chewbacca looks fucking amazing. Too bad I don’t have the money for him. Han is a big failure in the face department. It’s so disappointing that Hot Toys can sculpt faces that look amazingly life like, but miss the boat on Han. He looks like a close relative. Or a stunt double. Harrison Ford has historically had a hard face to sculpt and even the mighty Hot Toys have fallen victim.



Sideshow Does Deadpool: Fan favorite Marvel Comic character Deadpool is getting the Sideshow sixth scale treatment. Man, he is impressive as hell. I’m usually rather disapointed in the sixth scale releases Sideshow is doing for Superheroes. Most of the time they just don’t look right. Example: Their blue and grey Batman does not look like what blue and grey batman should look like to me. However, they really nail it with Deadpool. I’m guessing it’s because they got really good at making ninjas thanks to G.I. Joe. His price tag is a bit hefty, coming in at $230. Yikes!



Sideshow’s Scout Trooper: How are all my toy news items sixth scale this week? Anyway, Sideshow finally unveiled their sixth scale Scout Trooper and it is a must buy for me. The one thing I’m not buying is the dude’s speeder bike. 300 bucks for that thing? No way. I’ll stick with my Kenner 12 inch speeder bike that I got in 2001. That’s good enough for me. You get 25 bucks off the total order if you bundle them together, but that still aint happening for me.


Movie Stuff


Ghostbusters Art: One of the cool things on the newly released Ghostbusters Blu-Ray is some Ghostbusters art. One of the pieces on the disc is by friend of the site, Mark Englert. It’s super cool seeing his work as an extra on a Blu-ray. He’s a super talented artist and I urge you to check out his website.



Soderbergh Takes on Indiana Jones: Filmaker Steven Soderbergh recently recut Raiders of the Lost Ark in black and white and as a silent picture. The musical score is techno and it really takes you out of it, but the point is for you to focus on the visual. Hopefully, someone will do a edit of this edit and puts silent film era type music in.


Video Game Stuff


Blizzard Cancels Titan: Blizzard, the company behind World of Warcraft, recently made it public knowledge that they canceled a game called Titan that has been seven years in the making. That seems crazy. Reading the Kotaku article on it makes the game seem pretty dumb. You could work at your video game job like being a mechanic or a business man and then battle on the side like some sort of sci-fi superhero or you could just work your dumb video game job.


Table Top Gaming Stuff


Ghostbusters Miniatures: As you might have been able to tell my interests have shifted over less and less from the world of toys into the world of gaming. Well, that continues with the some recent purchases. One of the most notable of these was a set of miniatures from a UK company called Crooked Dice. They were the Paranormal Exterminators that bears a striking resemblance to the Ghostbusters. I got them in the mail and they look fantastic… unpainted. Now I have to paint them and they’ll be so so.

Anyway, check out the Crooked Dice store. They have a lot of other cool minis that bear striking resemblances to properties like Dr. Who, The Prisoner, The Avengers (UK), and Captain Scarlet. They have a game that uses some rules to recreate classic adventure TV shows too. All great stuff.



X-Wing Kickstarter: There’s a Kickstarter by a company that’s making accessories for games like X-wing that add realistic scenery. The planets and asteroids are an easy pass for me as I don’t want to store such things, but the real beauty is the Death Star like mat and the Death Star turrets. X-Wing really needs turrets.